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Back To School: The September 2021 Superdraft


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He walked through the garden garnering smiles and flirtations from the female apprentices and well mets and claps on the back from his fellows. He was a savant, with a great destiny, or so everyone said. HIs magic seemed to be varied, and strong, so strong! Most believed that if anyone had a chance to one day equal Merlin or even take his mantle, it would be he! A few, if pressed, admitted his temper had an edge, but that just added to his charisma.


So why did Jennifer feel a sense of ancipation and caution from the spirits beyond? Why when she looked him did she think his sword of light, such a powerful magic item, should not be azure, but crimson?


The Popular Kid: Anakin Skywalker


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Second Option: Theme music


As is my tradition in these drafts, I spend an Option pick on theme music.  That will be from Meat Loaf's (songs by Jim Steinman) Bat Out Of Hell II album, a short (2:46) lyric-free piece that is the subtitle cut for the album: Back Into Hell.



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Final pick for Iä! Iä! Miskatonic fhtagn!


(Believe it or not, this didn't occur to me until only a couple of days ago, even though it looks like an ab initio set-up.)


So, we've got a school in Arkham whose best students are, mostly, of dubious (at best) social orientation.  The troublemaker is a white witch who sends her wrapped-around-her-finger goons to harass other students, and the goons are the Ghostbusters.  Not only is the most popular student a literal pirate, he's an undead one to boot. The school also who sends its best students out to an impressive-sounding tech internship at  a facility that explicitly combines Lovecraftian horrors with a mundane nuclear reactor (one hopes it doesn't have a positive void coefficient, but with Elder Things in the core, does that matter much?).  And the theme music strongly suggests Bad S--t is coming, or maybe returning, real soon.


Who would possibly run this place?  Who do you know of who would meddle with the Great Old Ones and nuclear reactions at the same place at the same time?  Who would do this with a gleam in his eye as he lectured about it to his students?   Who among us is enough of a senior academic that he could really be the master of an exclusive private prep school?  Who makes HHOS jokes about destroying the Universe in a thread dedicated to exactly that?


I think we all know who I'm talking about here.  But in this draft we aren't allowed to draft real-world people.


Well, let's remove all ambiguity while obeying the letter of the draft rules.  As our Schoolmaster and Mentor, we draft an incredibly powerful Ace, cult leader, and loathsomely evil old man who in canon already has tried (and failed) to take over the world in the aftermath of an invasion by alien monsters.  From the Wild Cards stories, we draft ...


Mentor:  The Astronomer

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8 hours ago, Bazza said:

Can someone advise which round we are up too? Ie location and how many picks? 


I probably could, were I not under the influence of muscle relaxants at the moment. I'll see what I can do later today.

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"Call it wizardry if you like, Master Merlin," The long nosed man sneered, "But it smacks of witchcraft and demonology! Girls speaking to spirits, God's very earth uprooted by the will of some foreign heathen?"

"I imagine if God had a problem with the Earth being moved, we'd not be allowed to build castles, Justice Minister," Merlin replied just a touch saucily

"And the student rumored to be a kinslayer? Will you defend that?" The stern official sneered

"No, as a rule I see no reason to defend rumors at all," Merlin replied.

"What of the demon, the Jade giantess! She is no rumor, she has been seen near your Garden, frolicing like a street strumpet, causing unplanned bachnallias.."

"A jade giantess has been seen near the area, her crimes include flirtation, and buying ale for a neighborhood. She also saved that neighborhood," Merlin replied, "I assure you, Justice Minister, I am aware of what she is, and she is no demon."

"So, even a wizard can be a fool.." The Justice Minister snorted, and turned in flurry, "Mark my words, this emerald succubus will be purged from this place, don't force me to smoke her out" 

Merlin watched him go.


He could tell, Judge Claude Frollo was going to be a problem


Antagonist: Judge Claude Frollo 


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"Bigdy?" Anakin smiled to the oversized albino student, "How fares?"

"Uhm, fine, my friend," Anakin's less popular more awkward Peer reached into his garb and pulled out some papers, "I took out those notes I thought you might want, for the latest arcane formulas? I worked a few myself for you"

"Verily?" Anakin was surprised but pleased and took them, looking them over. This would save him hours of work and he wouldn't even have to pay that trouble maker Harry, surely Bigdy would charge more cheaply? "How much?"

"Nothing," Bigdy said as if surprised, "No one should charge you for anything. You're the chosen one, sure to replace Merlin himself one day"

Anakin felt his chest swell with pride, "Well, one never knows when he'll be offering the hat to another"

"Sure your all your ego will fit, Annie?" Harry said from nearby, clearly he'd been eavesdropping"That hat can only hold so much" His eyes were locked on Bigdy rather than Anakin though.

Bigdy spoke indignantly, "You're just mad you won't be making coin off him like some others"

"Everything in magic has a price, Bigdy," Harry shrugged, then glanced up towards the sun which the albino, buried under hood and thick robes, avoided, "if Annie thinks that rule doesn't apply to him, he's in for a rude awakening. He could just tell me where to stick my wares. Jennifer did. She's playing it straight."

"Speakith to the hand, Harry," Anakin held his gloved hand up palm out, "No one cares."


Bigdy and Anakin parted , leaving Harry behind. Bigdy went to his room, it was plain, small, save for one luxury, a rather elaborate mirror. He stepped through it, and found himself before Judge Frollo.


"Well?" Frollo demanded, a scroll in his hand, the scroll that held Bigdy's true name, "Where is the Green Demoness? I use you to ferret out your own kind as well as find intelligences that will allow me to end the school. Must I torment you with your true name again?"

Bigdy shook his head contritely, inwardly, he sneered. He could feel Frollo's lust for the Jade Giantess. The man thought himself bespelled, but in truth he was but blaming his own sins and desires upon an innocent if bawdy creature, "May.. take my true form , this, shapeshift becomes uncomfortable."

"Very well," Frollo says "But no tricks."

"Your purity and Piety protects you, holy man," Bigdy lied. If it weren't for Frollo finding his true name, he'd be able to rip the 'righteous' Justice MInister in half with his bare hands, or burn him with hellfire.

"Never forget that," Frollo nodded, "Take your form then"

And Bigdy's albino skin went crimson as hell's embers, and from his head burst two great black horns. Bigdy was gone, and in his place stood Lord Darkness.

"Kneel before the righteous!" Frollo demanded waving the scroll. 

Lord Darkness chuckled deeply, and did "Here is what I've learned so far... O master "


The Dragon: Lord Darkness (From Legend)


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"Oh hey, I've seen you around the Garden. You're a student! Me too!  I'm studying both magic and natural philosophy which some folks think are in conflict but I don't! you see because there are somethings that seem pretty amazing with no magic involved like how things fall down or how amazing it is that heat or lack of it can change something's state, like water from ice to liquid to steam? So anyway if I learn the right spells to act as catalysts for natural occurrences it should speed some amazing stuff up but cost very little magic at all, we don't know if there's a limit to magic after all so maybe arcane conservation of it is a good thing to look into you think? Me too, for example, by filling a bag with the gas of helios, I think we'll be able to fly, or at least float on the winds, then you get a cardinal direction spell and you'd be able to anywhere the world in this kind of basket underneath it and you wouldn't even have to be a very powerful wizard, it could really mean a lot and help us learn about the heavens, yea verily you think? I'm going to go put that design down while it's still in my head. You look tired, I don't sleep much myself, or hardly at all but Master Merlin says 'that's my special gift' and it was okay as long as I let HIm sleep so I do, see you" The young woman turns and races off. Then, a moment latter ,she races back and slides to a stop "I'm Jordan by the way I didn't give my name is Jordan, it's really nice to meet you welcome to the garden bye!"


Free Spirit: Jordan (From the Movie Real Genius)


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So.. with that, I have only options left

Player: Hermit

Title: Merlin's Garden- Witches, Wizards, and Weeds!

The School / Location: The CIRCLE's Garden, near Camelot
The Mentor: Merlin (Arthurian legend)
The Superstar:  Toph Beifong (Avatar animated series)
The Popular Kid: Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars universe)
The Teacher’s Pet: Jennifer Walters /Jade Giantess (Marvel Comics)

The Troublemaker: Harry Dresden (Dresden Files)
The Free Spirit: Jordan (From Real Genius)
The Antagonist: Judge Claude Frollo (From Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame)
The Dragon:  Lord Darkness (From Legend the movie)

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I need a title. Doing Time in San Dimas High


One of Dr. Richards experiments goes horribly wrong (thanks, Deadpool!) and accidentally sends the students hurtling through time! They return unscathed after doing untold damage to the timestream. But Principal Lex wants to know what they saw in the future. Unwilling to speak on the subject, he puts them all in detention for a full Saturday. 


Think Dr. Who meets the Breakfast Club. 

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