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Halloween 2021


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17 hours ago, death tribble said:


Ok with sources


The Addams Family (Thing is the hand on the roof)

Amityville Horror (the House beneath the tree ?)

An American  Werewolf in London (the Slaughtered Lamb pub)

Arachnophobia (spider on tree)

Blair Witch (stick figure hanging from tree in front of house ?) 

Christine (the car)

Chucky (doll in Comics window above Jason and Saw masks) 

The Exorcist (figure in the light with the case)

Evil Dead (figure coming from ground beneath Bates motel sign)

Frankenstein (castle and mob approaching it)

Friday the 13th part 2 (Jason's mask in comics window)

Ghostbusters (pack beneath the lamppost)

Halloween (the pumpkin ?)

Hellraiser (box above Mushnik sign)

IT (the red Balloon)

Little Shop of Horrors (Mushnik shop)

The Lost Boys (the comics shop ?)

Nightmare Before Christmas (costume in comics store window)

Nightmare on Elm Street (costume in comics store window)

Poltergeist (the girl in front of TV in Mushnik window)

Psycho (Bates Motel)

Resident Evil (symbol on the Chimney ?)

The Ring (girl coming from the Well)

Rocky Horror Picture Show (red lips)

Saw (mask in comics store window)

Scream (the costume bottom of picture in middle)

The Shining (the bicycle beneath comics window)

Sleepy Hollow (headless horseman in moon)

Wicker Man (burning wicker man in front of castle)


And I can't see references for the others. I got The Stand wrong I meant the Shining

The egg from aliens makes thirty

I think the sign on the lamp post refers to OZ since it's a witch boot on water.

The cricket bat is Shaun of the Dead

I think the shovel is from Frailty.

The moth on the lamp post is either Mothra, or the Mothman Prophecies, or Mimic. I am leaning toward Mothra

I want to say the guy leaning out the window of Mushkin's is the Phantom of the Opera, but I am not sure.

I don't know what the jack o'lantern box, and the punching octopus refers to, and I can't see the girl at the table clear enough to identify. If we could get those three we would have them all



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     OK children, get comfy ‘cause ‘ol uncle Tjack has a Halloween story for you.  I swear before all the Gods in Southern California that this is the absolute honest truth....or wouldn’t be funny otherwise.

   Once upon a time in that magical college heavy city by the sea from whence I came.  It was a lovely fall night around this time of year....It was the last Friday of the month and the week had been a brutal one, selling computer supplies and furniture to the early birds coming into their new dorms. Well, after closing up the store and punching out I was dead on my feet and still had to hustle to catch the connecting bus to get to the one that would take me home.

   So I was about to cross a major city street, I looked both ways and stepped off the high curb in the middle of the street and almost got clobbered by a drunk, driving a black car without his headlights on.  I jumped up and back and started to stumble on the curb when a small delicate hand steadied my shoulder.

   I looked down at my own feet and turned looking first at the feet of my rescuer.   Black high lace up combat boots. Black tights with holes in spots. Baggy black shorts, black bustier, black fingerless gloves, pale (REALLY pale) skin, shoe polish black hair in all directions and a pale (REALLY pale) face with an ankh centered over one eye. (Looked a little like Tori Amos)

   As I tried to get my brain to reboot I definitely said out loud “I think I may be in trouble here.. “ she just giggled cocked her head to the side, smiled at me and turned and skipped away.

  I spent the next two bus rides and the rest of the night telling myself that it was the last Friday night before Halloween and the area was packed solid with dorms and frat houses throwing costume parties.

Sometimes I still tell myself that.

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9 hours ago, Tjack said:

     The young woman in question was dressed as Death of the Endless from Sandman...........I hope.


I'm not familiar with that work. But you reminded me of my classmates at university. She always dressed in black and had pale skin. I think she dyed her hair black, but I'm not sure now. But we shared a love of classical music, so we struck up a friendship. Nice lady; attractive as well. I would have asked her out if she hadn't already been married.

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