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I love USPS.........NOT!!!


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So when DHL was listed above I didn't say anything because I have rarely ever had anything delivered by them and the less than spectacular occasion I had may have been a fluke.


But then of course I get an email saying one of my game orders is on its way.  Woot!!


I just got another email telling me it should be delivered by EOB today. 

Then I notice the address and remembered the last fiasco. 


Addresses in the US consist of street address, a city/postal zone and a country. 

Some street addresses are more than a single line with the first line being the primary street location and the second line indicating which exact part of the building. 


So why does DHL consistently and without fail drop the second line of the street address?  So I may or may not get my order......



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1 hour ago, Bazza said:

You mean like: unit 1, 60 Main Street... also written as 1/60 Main Street...

More like


1234 99th Street NE

Suite M Unit 29

City, State  99999


Without the Suite or Unit it is a big complex......

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33 minutes ago, Bazza said:

Why not this: 



Suite M Unit 29, 1234 99th Street NE

City, State  99999


Because I didn't design the way addresses are written in the US?

The two line method is pretty much the only format I have ever seen stateside?



But my package made it which is fairly impressive with the address being dorked. 


Now I have three books of shrunk-wrapped goodness I cannot touch until I complete my prep work.

I still need to physically print out all the character sheets and handouts for the three games I am hosting at Dragonflight in 15 days.  Gah.... I hate the drudge part.



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8 hours ago, Bazza said:

Fair enough.


Just giving an opinion as an Aussie who usually deals with one line as primary/secondary address.

I didn't mean to sound cranky there. :think:


Most of the online shipping sites "auto format" addresses to what the USPS thinks it should be.  And what a bureaucrat in a cubicle thinks and the real world isn't always the same.


I normally only have issues with gaming related orders with a lot of the current good stuff being from non-US companies.




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Amazon isn't much better. Front door, back door, etc. I've got 2 front doors. The front door to the house has a chain across the bottom of the ramp. Along the lines of "keep out". The pedestrian door to the garage is right at the end of the walkway. So, of course, crap goes up on the ramp.

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