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Centaur in Hero System Bestiary v6


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1 hour ago, Ninja-Bear said:

I didn’t do the math but it seems he could kick you to the Moon!


Not in a single Phase (the Moon is much farther away than that), but yes, he could.  The average Knockback would be 668,072m, which is far enough to reach space, and you'd travel that far in a single Phase, which would be 668km per second (much higher than escape velocity, which is a bit over 11km per second). Even if you halve the distance traveled because you're opposing gravity, and halve the velocity accordingly, it still exceeds escape velocity and still reaches space.  With the right trajectory, you could probably eventually drift to the Moon, but I'm not enough of a mathematician or astrophysicist to calculate what that would entail.  :) 

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