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Variable Limitations and ....



So I have a power that has variable limitations. What happens if that variable limitation at the point of application interferes with a power build? This is particularly applicable to spells where the user can change which limitations they take.


Example 1:


Persistent Power (does not matter which)

Advantages: 0 End

Limitations: Time Limit: 5 minutes, Limited Range: 30m, Variable Limitations (at least -1/4)


So what happens if the spell caster chooses Costs End only to Start (-1/4)? Or if they choose Nonpersistent (-1/4)? 


Both of these would appear to violate the constraints of Time Limit as a limitation. 


Example 2:


Instant Attack Power (no matter which) of > 30 AP

Limitations: Variable Limitations (at least -1/4)


What happens if the spell caster chooses to link his attack spell to a weapon attack as his variable limitation? For instance, he decides to link his 30 AP blast (larger) to his dagger attack (smaller) for -1/4. Is this legal? 


And yes, I unfortunately have actual cases where both of these could happen, just trying to look ahead to how to handle in game play.


- E



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If I'm misunderstanding your question, post a follow-up....that said:

Variable Limitations doesn't give you a way around normal Modifier rules:  


If a Limitation should not or cannot be applied to an ability in its current state then it cannot be used to fulfill the Variable Limitations.  You can't apply Costs END to Activate to a Persistent ability, for example.

Likewise, Limitations which do not limit the character/ability are not worth any points/value. If the Limitation in question is otherwise rules-legal but does not limit the ability in any appreciable manner, then it would be worth -0 -- it could be applied as part of Variable Limitations, but won't apply to the total that must be met. 

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