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Mysterious Places I am planning to add (see if you can figure the inspiration)

Mr. R

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Can you add any more?


Or add to the list with your own ideas.


In the Wyrmian Mtns is a set of caverns filled with strange creatures.  If you can make it to the centre and solve the puzzle it will open to a chamber with items of beauty and power!


In the Goddess Woods in the North part of Kern is a Stone Tree that can be used to make wands, staves, potions, salves and handles to items of power. 


In the Gefting Sea is an Island supposedly that of a bloodthirsty pirate who was cursed.  Now the Island is covered in mists and those who come near are attacked by the skeletons of the pirates.  There the Pirate Lord, a powerful skeleton himself, stands guard over his horde of treasure and seeks to kill trespassers and add them to his crew!


Once a year a Ghost Castle appears for one week.  In it are seven strange guardians.  If you can make it past all of them, you can get the treasure within!


In the Northern Jungles are rumours of a city inside a hole in the mountains.  What treasures await within!


The Bola Wastes have an everlasting storm in its centre.  Supposedly inside is a city filled with treasures, if you can get past the stone guardians and undead inhabitants.


Supposedly in the oceans off Fey is a floating island.  Used at one time by a pirate lord, it disappeared one day.  Now apparently it has reappeared.  Can you find it?


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A few days' travel along the coast north of Wefford there is a cliff jutting out into the western sea. It's not a very impressive cliff, just a big grey slab of granite just lying there, reminding passers-by of a beached whale. But on the head of this rock, over the breaking waves, stands some stairs. They lead up to an arch of roughly dressed stones, that looks worn and pitted and somehow more ancient than the cliff below. The keystone might have had a carving of a face at one time, but it's hard to say now; a pair of seagulls have built a nest on top of it.


Mostly, that's it. In the evenings, if you stand in the right place, you can see the sun set through the arch. At night, it's a great place for star gazing.


But when the mist rises in the spring, or when the storms roar by in the fall, the local fishermen won't go near it. A warm light glows through the arch, and if you're near enough one can hear the sound of merry voices raised in conversation and song, fiddles and harps playing, and the stomping of feet in dance ...

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