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Basic FoundryVTT Hero System 6e system module

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Hi there everyone. I've been working on a module for playing 6e Hero in Foundry for a bit now, and it's finally ready enough, I feel, to be used publicly. I've submitted it for approval to Foundry itself, but in the meantime, I've made the repository containing it public and if you're interested, you can check it out here:




Fair warning, it's pretty feature-light at the moment. There's a lot more I want to do with it, but it's taken some time getting these basics up and running and learning how you even develop a Foundry module in the first place. Feel free to take a look and submit and bugs you come across and feature requests for anything you'd like to see. It's really important to me to make Hero an accessible system that can be played quickly and easily, and I think that a module like this can do a lot of good for the game and the community.

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I'm testing your hero vtt for our long running campaign.  Even though we were new to Foundry, My friends had fun beating up thugs  . 

They already have enthusiastic upgrade suggestions, but loved the first time. 


we Found some bugs.  And submitted to github.  


I'm an old coder and working on some JS macros.  


Should be fun.  

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Is this thread or the Foundry project still active?

I'll continue to reply a few times.


In my local version, I patched the HDC skill upload for blank names where the description is also blank.  The HDC allows for blank lines in the Skills causing the HDC upload to blow up.  Do they still say blow up.  I haven't programmed for a living in 20 years, but JS is so easy and fun.  I was afraid to mess with the description load or try to jump out of the loop so I just tested for white space in the name, replacing with default word.  Not pretty but it don't blow anymore.

Hopefully you can put in a real fix.  


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Just discovered FancyCreb's work on FoundryVTT - paid cash immediately to get my hands on it!  :D  Not that FancyCreb sees the money.  :(  I'd been avoiding Foundry for years for lack of Hero Support - which locked my group into Roll20.  The hero system implementation there is great, but the platform is horrible.  Not a single improvement or bug fix to the platform as far as I can tell since 4 years ago when i started using it.


Foundry by comparison is SLICK.  My first hour in the software was very positive and FancyCreb's work is a GREAT start. 


How can i contribute?  I've been reading the API docs but must admit i face the same obstacle as FancyCreb.  Just figuring out where to sink my teeth in is a bit tricky.  Made a github feature request before finding this thread. Thought about it a bit more since posting over there, and yeah..  Without making ocv/dcv/dc/rmod/etc modifiers accessible for players to control, and adding a hit locations option, i don't see how I can ask my players to use it yet...  :(


But if i can figure out how to be productive and help, i'll do so.  We played on Roll20 last night - it was so bad and buggy, so sick of it.  Gotta make a viable alternative.

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Hey all. New to Foundry, but using Version 2 or the Module. I'm a little lost in Foundry, but starting to figure stuff out like rolling and what the various tools do. I was also able to upload an HDC to the module and it created a basic characters sheet, but didn't have any of the powers. A bit more serious is there doesn't appear to be a way to see more than 3 lines at the bottom. So I can only see 3 skills for example. I'm assuming that is a bug, but it could also just be me not knowing how to use it yet. Any chance someone might be able to show me around it a bit? Would love to use it for a game this Saturday to teach my son and his friends how to play.

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