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How to use a character pack?


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Hi there,


Dumb question... How do I use a character pack? 


I've just bought the Hero Designer software and the Pulp Hero character pack. But I can't see how I open the pulp characters files (HDP and HDC.)


I've tried Open Character and Open Prefab etc. But nothing shows in the file browser. My folder is under my Downloads folder. But even the folder doesn't show. 


Any help? How do I import the new talents etc?





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Character Packs are typically delivered as zip files of Prefabs (.hdp) and Characters (.hdc)


1. unzip/unpack the download - you can put the unpacked files anywhere you want.


2. within HD you can go to file -> open character or prefab -> load prefab to load the characters or prefabs in the pack.  HD’s documentation will have further details.

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It gets stranger! I created a new character and saved it under my Downloads folder. I viewed the Downloads folder using Finder and the file is there;. But when I use the Open Character option, no file shows under the Downloads folder! So HD is saving the file to the correct directory but not seeing it when it tries to open it again. 

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Again, the only "filtering" HD does is based on the file extension. It doesn't care about the contents of the file at all (at least, not until it tries to load it), only the extension.  If the file open dialog isn't showing anything, then when HD (via Java) is asking the system to list all files in a given directory, it's not getting anything back with the appropriate extension (.hdc for characters).  If you were able to write/save to the directory, then there's only two scenarios that I can think of:


1. Your system has some VERY odd/bad permissions settings for Java, so Java has permissions to write to your Downloads directory, but not read from it.  It's been a while, but you may be able to get this type of behavior if Java doesn't have execute permissions, as I believe a directory listing requires execute permissions on the directory itself...I'm sure others will correct me if I'm wrong here.  Regardless, it's something that you'll need to change under System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Files and Folders.


2. There is something on your system that is changing the file extensions on files after they are created. This could be benign (seeing that the file has xml contents and appending a .xml to the file name) or it could be very bad (reminiscent of some nasty malware).  Open up a Terminal, cd to your Downloads directory, and enter "ls -l *.hdc" -- if you don't see any files listed, then enter just "ls -l" to see what extension the files have.

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