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does not cross intervening space, how to reach through walls



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Yes, if you want to bypass obstacles entirely (e.g., reach through walls), then you need the Indirect Advantage. I can't really tell you what level you need; it depends on the SFX of the power and what you envision being able to do with it. I recommend working it out with your GM, or starting a thread in the HERO System Discussion forum if you want to discuss possible builds.


However, for the martial artist punching in the back of the head that you described in your earlier post, if you wanted them to be able to reach through a wall or similar barrier while doing that, you would need at least, "Source point is not the character, but is always the same (+¼)," and, "Path of Power is not directly from Source Point to target, but is always the same (+¼)," for a total Indirect value of at least +½. 


Note that even though Stretching has some indirect aspects to it, those do not lessen the cost of Indirect (6E1 p. 286). The level of Indirect you need is still based on what you want the source of the power to be, and what path you want the power to take, without factoring in Stretching.


On a personal note, I have a PC whose SFX are based around teleportation and portals and "reaching through the void," and she can do things just like you're describing.  She can create a portal and have her arm appear anywhere within her Stretching reach, and oriented so the strike can come from any direction. Her build uses Stretching, Doesn't Cross Intervening Space (+¼), Fully Indirect (+1). 

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