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Second String - 150-165 CP 6th Edition Game - Full Sessions starting late Jan/early Feb


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This is a new type of Hero Game, one that uses the player's genres to lead to discoveries that they are each part of something bigger.


For the schedule, there is a session 0, that involves a mini-adventure with myself, the player, and another player who is the Recruiter. This is more of an introductory to the game, so I can get you fit into the genre.

i’ll be holding this from the second week or third week of January, and the schedule is flexible between myself, the player,  and “recruiter”.

The session 1 game, where everybody is meeting for a regular schedule game, will take place on Thursdays at 5:30 PM Pacific time, and for now, every other week.

Baseline Rules for character creation:


Game rules are Hero 6E and pulling from Star Hero, Kazei 5, etc.
Genre is based on Blade Runner/Prometheus universes with some changes. This has Replicants (Replicates as per Kazei 5), Synthetics from Prometheus/Alien, as well as Psionics (Espers as per Kazei 5), Mutants, Spellcasters, Cyborgs, etc.

This is much more than only the BR universe, and have modified the timeline relative to our Present/Future.


Characters start at 150-165 CP, 25-40 Limitations, Max individual skill/talent/power at 30 AP. to go above a 20 in characteristics or SPD 3, it should be listed under a power--Cyborg mods, mutation, Psionics, Magic, Synthetic, etc

*This means 150 usable CP with 25 Complications, up to 165 usable CP with 40 Complications


This involves at times space travel. The "feel is more than just combat, but also is investigation, discovery, etc. 

There will also a healthy doling out of combat, and at times when you an/or your team will be yelling out, "Run like hell!"

I want to make this a roller-coaster of an adventure.

All will go through a "Session 0" adventure beyond character creation to get you introduced to the Campaign, and get us both a good gaming basis.

I do have some character type suggestions to "fit" the campaign but it is not locked in stone...it is only a suggested means for a balanced campaign that helps the team to succeed.


Suggested Archetypes:
• Tactician – Former Military, Law Enforcement, Militant types who have a large survivor skillset
• Cybernetic/Mutant/Synthetic – Any artificial means of being stronger/faster, more intelligent, etc., using technology
   ◦ These will have forms of limitations on powers/abilities to offer a pragmatic implementation use of abilities
   ◦ Cybernetics have a limitation on their powers that is that are the implants:
    ▪ Cybersystem (-1/4)
    ▪ Restrainable (-1/2) - EMP cut-off switch (Only by means other than Grabs and Entangles)
   ◦ Mutant – Must have at least -1/2 limitation on each power obtained/used
   ◦ Synthetics:
    ▪ Android – Must have a social complication or psychological complication dealing with people in general
    ▪ Replicants (Replicates as per Kazei 5) – Must have a Psychological Complication with limited memories or situations outside their control. Social Complications associated with dealing with reality and people.

• Psionic – Mental powers
   ◦ Powers will be individual or grouped using a Multipower
   ◦ All Psionic powers have at least a -½ limitation
   ◦ All Psionic Powers have a Psionic END pool which is part of the Psionic ability to deduct END cost for using Psionic Powers
• Paranormal – Spellcasting

◦ All Paranormal spells will be embedded in a Magical VPP
    ▪ The number of fixed spells in the VPP is calculated as follows:
        • CP / 50 (rounded up) – Base number of spells
           ◦ Example: 150 CP to 165 CP character has 3 base spells. Once they ago above 175 CP, the character has 4 base spells
        • INT / 5 (rounded up) – Bonus number of spells on top of CP calculation
           ◦ Example: Character with INT 16 will have 3 addiional spells on top of their base
   ◦ All spells should have a paradigm - i.e.. sonic-based, magnetic-based, mental-based, etc.
   ◦ All spells must have the following minimal limitations:
     ▪ Focus
     ▪ Gestures
     ▪ Incantations
     ▪ Changing spells can take a few hours to modify your spell list from one's book or resource that holds all the Paranormal's spells...inquire about the timing of this
• Biological/Technological Expert – Skills based person that specializes in Professional and KS, as well as skills


You can also do a mixing of archetypes, but again, this is not in stone


I will help in Character creation if needed, and submitting a character so will review, as well as for their backstory into the game.


Respond to this post or feel free to contact me on discord under “Jujitsuguy#5977”, or e-mail me:  jujitsuguy@hotmail.com

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