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D100 variant basics


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Basics of conversion

1. Skill rolls get modified to x5% per point, so a skill roll of 11- becomes a skill roll of 55%. Maximum skills are 100% in very rare
cases. Average starting characters have skill rolls of 11- (55%) or above.

2. Combat rolls: OCV Becomes a combat bonus of 5% per point of OCV. DCV creates a penalty to attackers Total Combat Value. Total Combat
Value equals 55% plus OCV (OCV x5%) bonus. Combat Roll equals Total Combat Value minus opponents Defense Bonus and modifiers.

- Cover modifiers of -2 (10%) to -8 (40%) are added to combat roll procedure.

- Range modifiers: 

4 to 8 metres = 0
9 to 16 metres = -10%
17 to 32 metres = -20%
33 to 64 metres = -30%
65 to 128 metres = -40%
129 to 256 metres = -50%

double max range and add 10% to penalty.

3. Powers

- Power skills are converted to %.

- Power costs stay the same.

Martial arts

Maneuver modifiers converted into 5% per OCV or DCV modifier.

Damage in wargaming hacks

Roll 1 plus degree of success (5% per shot) amount of Potential Kill Dice.

- The Hero System damage value of 1d6 causes kills on a roll of 6.

- Hero System damage value of 2d6 causes kills on rolls of 5 and 6.

- 3d6 Hero damage equals kills on rolls of 4, 5 and 6.

- (4d6 does 1 Kill plus rolled Potential Kill Dice, 5d6 does 2 Kills plus Potential Kill Dice etc.)

Armor in wargaming hacks

- Divide DEF values by 4, result is Armor Points. Each Armor Point potentially negates a Kill Result. Roll Armor dice, on results of 4, 5
and 6 you negate one Kill Result.

- (alternate Armor rules) Armor has Activation Rolls of 40% to 70%. Each Armor point turns a Kill Result into a Wound Result.


Makes most sense when thinking in wargaming terms, where ease of use and intuitive dice rolls make the difference in a tasty game and not that fun game.

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