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Fallout Pip-boy conversion write-up?


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What it says on the tin;-).  I pretty much have everything else squared away but I'm not sure how to do the Pip-boy's mapping function and VATS.  


The core of it is as a wearable computer.  VATS I was thinking some combination of CSLs usable by other (with an end reserve), but the mapping thing I'm not sure 'bump of direction' fits very well or if there is a better solution.  Thoughts?

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Yeah pretty much what I did.  I pretty much expanded Bump of Direction to a large class of things (direction, position, places of interest), with the limitation of only places the user has visited/traveled (while wearing pip-boy) at a 1/2.


VATS I just used penalty skill levels, both targeting and range at 2 levels apiece, and attached a small endurance reserve to it. 

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