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Autofire on HtH Attack. Is Autofire on STR needed?

Hatut Zeraze


In case special effects and/or concept is required to answer this question:  Man of Hammers has a variety of hammers to fight with.  One option is (are?) his dual claw hammers.  Since they are small and lighter than his other hammers, I wanted them to have a flurry attack effect.  I decided to simulate that with Hand-to-Hand Attack, which gives a bonus to his natural STR in a melee attack, with the Autofire advantage.


Would I need to also buy an Autofire advantage for Man of Hammer's personal STR to be able to use his STR dice in that attack?  

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From Vol 2 of the 6e rules, p 102:



For purposes of the Adding Damage rules, when a character uses an Advantaged HA or Advantaged HKA, that attack is the base damage. STR adds damage at the rate of +1 DC per 5 STR used


With no advantage, 1 DC = 5 STR.  More STR is required to add 1d6 to an advantaged attack (just like it takes 15 STR, not 5 STR) to add 1d6 to a HKA).


So you would add your STR, but pro rate it for the advantage.  Let's assume the character has 25 STR.  If the Autofire is +1/4, that's 5 DC and the chart on p 101 shows that this is 4d6.


I find it easier to just pro rate the STR.  Using the same example, 25 STR/1 1/4 = 20 = 4d6.


That route may be easiest, especially if you have other Hand Attacks with other advantages.


Alternatively, you could buy a Naked Advantage of Autofire on STR, which would mean he could use his full 25 STR, and could use Autofire with an unarmed STR attack (why would he be faster with a hammer than without?) but not with any other attack which STR enhances where that attack does not have the Autofire advantage.


Or you could make the dual claw hammers a Hand Attack with Autofire + Autofire on 25 STR.  While naked advantages cannot normally be bought in a framework, I'd personally allow it in this instance if the hammers are in a framework.  Other GMs might not (Vol 2, page 314).

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