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RIP Scott Bennie

Steve Long

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We here at Hero Games are deeply saddened to announce that our long-time friend, and frequent Hero Games author, Scott Bennie passed away earlier this week from complications due to pneumonia. As many of you already know, Scott suffered from extensive health problems for most of his life, and unfortunately this was one last struggle he simply couldn't win.


I personally met Scott in the early Nineties -- probably at one of the first DunDraCons I attended -- after I began writing for Hero myself and hitting the con circuit. In addition to being a talented writer and game designer -- perhaps best known to Hero gamers for his superb work on Classic Enemies and two VIPER sourcebooks -- Scott was quite simply one of the kindest, gentlest people I've ever had the privilege to know. I'm so glad I had the chance to work with him on several projects, including the VIPER and Villainy Amok sourcebooks for HERO System 5th Edition.


The world is a darker place without Scott's light in it, and all of us here at Hero Games shall miss him terribly.

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I may of meet him at one GenCon or another when it was in my home town. Can't say I remember him there. But what I CAN say is that he wrote some very good books for Hero. And I bought them (I bought most of the Champions line back then, from 4ed to early 5th edition).


Man, I miss Hero publishing adventures at least twice a month. But that's not the thing I want to get off my chest. Scott, you will be missed.


Probably deliberately, since dead bodies can't normally dodge...I know, bad joke. I'll see myself to the punishment corner. 

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1 hour ago, DShomshak said:

I still consider Classic Enemies the gold standard for Enemies books. Scott took characters, most of whose brief initial descriptions didn't go much beyond, "Embittered, he turned to a life of crime," and made them, well, characters.


It's surprising how many of the 4e books I consider essential have his byline.


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I have started a thread on RPG.net where I'm reading through all of Scott's stuff that I actually own (which is a lot more than I expected, actually). I made it there, because Scott did a lot of D&D in addition to Hero, and I'm going through all of it. I would appreciate it if people who also have accounts there would chime in on stuff they've read, I like to hear dissenting opinions (or opinions in line with my own, those are fine, too!) The thread can be found here: https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/wir-scott-bennies-oeuvre.895557/

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While this thread has understandably focused on Scott Bennie's numerous contributions to the tabletop RPG hobby, he also wrote extensively for the computer gaming industry, such as being one of the earliest contributors to Fallout. Scott was also an avid supporter of the Champions Online MMORPG since its earliest days online, a frequent player and role-player, and a beloved contributor to the CO community, usually playing as his alter-ego from his long-term tabletop Champions campaigns, the Canadian superhero Thundrax. CO developers and player base have been brainstorming a permanent memorial to Scott/Thundrax in the game.


Scott's contributions to the CO forums included posting a number of engaging short stories set in the official Champions Universe, usually revolving around Thundrax. Since this thread has been dealing with reading his work, these stories provide an excellent window into Scott's humor, his points of view, and the kind of gaming environment he liked to promote. I gathered links to such of his stories as I could find. I don't think it's exhaustive, but it's a good overview, and IMHO a fun read. They're listed chronologically as they were posted, earliest to latest.



















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Scott's online obituary page was launched today, if people are inclined to leave messages of condolence.

(Thanks to "epelesker" on the Champions Online forums for informing us.)



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