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2022-23 NFL Thread


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1 hour ago, Pariah said:


Um, the Eagles are still in the NFC East, are they not? Are we to believe that after one surprising year, we're all just giving up on the entire NFC East sucking consistently? 


I distinctly remember the Eagles winning a Super Bowl this century.  Under the leadership of the legendary Nick Foles. 

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And the Giants under Eli, was in 2012.


In the last 15 years SB appearances by division...

NFC East -- 3

NFC North -- 1

NFC South -- 4..one for each team

NFC West -- 7, also at least one for each;  Arizona's got 1, the other 3 have 2.


AFC -- They who shall not be named, 6

Other AFC East -- 0

AFC North -- 4

AFC South -- 1 (Colts, 2010)

AFC West -- 4 (2 each Broncos and Chiefs), and all since 2014)


So this makes #5 for the AFC West, and #4 for the NFC East.  To be sure:  the division HAS been pathetic several times.  It has 3 teams widely detested in Philly, Dallas, and Washington...all for completely different reasons.  The Giants?  Not sure I'd say 'detested'...overhyped because they're in NY?  Probably, but that's not the same.  


So, a lot of this is "we love to hate the NFC East."  Take out That Team...the AFC East has been doormats most years.  Really Terrible divisions don't stick with us that long.  There's an amusing article about them here:

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FWIW and not relevant to the discussion immediately above, this evening I spent some time reading through the regular season end and playoffs and post-SB parts of Last year's (2021-22) NFL thread.  Pretty amusing to reread the excitement of last year's playoff hunt, roster moves, coaching turnover, etc.  The Broncos' Hackett hiring and Russell Wilson trade discussions in particular caught my eye in stark hindsight.

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6 hours ago, Cancer said:

 The Broncos' Hackett hiring and Russell Wilson trade discussions in particular caught my eye in stark hindsight.


Oh, halcyon days when there was fresh hope in Donkeyland! Little did we suspect that the sweet taste of infinite possibilities would turn to bitter ashes in our mouths. Or that it would only take until the end of Week 1 for the spectre of disappointment to rear its ugly head, mocking us all with the cruel irony of being the first stepping-stone on the path to Geno Smith's career resurrection.


But my best friend growing up was a Cubs fan. So I invoke his mantra and say, "Wait 'til next year!"

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16 hours ago, Cancer said:


QBs on the rookie contracts can represent the window of opportunity.  Wilson would likely be the poster boy there, with Hurts a game away from being the latest example.  Because the vets are just So Freaking Expensive!  Caught an exchange on Get Up, flipping thru channels earlier this week, about free agent QB contract guarantees...whether we'd see more Watson/Wilson massive piles of guaranteed money.  Watson...yeah, that was discounted because that contract was an aberration and gross mistake.  The Browns basically torched 40-odd million this year.  As an example of the problem?  Dak.  Because he, and I think also Elliott, consumed so much cap space due to their contract structures, that the Boys can't get/retain a #1 receiver.  


I think it's interesting to point out the numbers.  I think the QB position *has* become grossly overpaid...but it's a win-now, forget tomorrow league.  Just ask the Rams.  

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Overpaid with respect to other positions, I agree.  Given the growing awareness that debilitating injury is more likely than not for most players with a significant career ... I would believe the non-QB positions are underpaid.  But since it is literally impossible to get real, accurate accounting of the costs of a football team as well as the income from them, at any level above high school and perhaps not even there, what constitutes over- and under-paying is left to the not exactly rational decision makers who own the teams.

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There's no way, IMO, the timing here was coincidental...




I can't reject the players' claims out of hand, simply because 

a)  I've heard similar stories in the past...I remember stories about Mark Schlereth's problems, for one.

b)  The extreme foot-dragging WRT the concussion protocol...that, despite already acknowledging the severity of the problem.

c)  The sheer scope of potential disability coverage.  Schlereth's case was, IIRC, connected to the *crazy* number of procedures he'd had over his career, on his knees.  So, it's not just concussions, it's problems a Thiesmann or Alex Smith have from their horrendous leg injuries.  Or just plain wear and tear, a la, say, a JJ Watt.  


This may be *more* impactful, based on the claims of bad faith and violations of disability laws, than the concussions lawsuit.

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So Tom Brady signed and filed the retirement papers.  It's not entirely clear how this could be revoked...and when...but it looks like he means it.  From ESPN, for the Bucs?



The fact that this move happened Friday means the Bucs will take the brunt of his $35 million in salary cap dead money in 2023 versus being able to divide it between 2023 and 2024 if they had altered the voidable years in his contract and then waited until after June 1 to process the retirement.


The Bucs are projected to be nearly $60 million over the salary cap, according to Roster Management System, as they enter free agency starting March 15. Kyle Trask is currently the only Bucs quarterback under contract.


Translation...dey be hurtin' puppies come the fall.  That's a LOT of salary to cut, and they have to, somehow, find someone to run the offense.  Very preliminary over/under on win totals?  Maybe 6.5?  And I'm only going that high because of the division they're in.  

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