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2022-23 NFL Thread


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I HATE!!!! Greg Olsen's utter BS comment..."I hate that call in this situation."  If it's a flag, it's a bloody freaking flag.  If you DON'T call it, then who's to say if the pass is open???  


It's a whine I've heard from analysts for ages...and occasionally it might be warranted, but RARELY.  Far more often, IMO, the LACK of the call has influenced the game outcome.

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1 hour ago, death tribble said:

It was not the Vikings so how could it be ?


The fact they weren't in it, is a contributing factor.......  This year in particular.  Vikes hadda be in my bottom...let's say 10...teams to watch.  I say 10 because there were quite a few one could reel off.  


35 minutes ago, slikmar said:

Interestingly, your prediction turned out correct.


I thought about saying "go with KC" after the Eagles could only make it 27-21.  If one expects the game to be close, I strongly suspect that the winning team is the one to kick *fewer* FGs.  Double, when that FG ends a very long drive.  It's like 2nd and 3rd with none out, and you only get 1 run in after that.  Not.  Good.  Enough.  In most cases.

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