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2022-23 NFL Thread


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Chiefs were losing talent on the o-line, so...yeah, they'll pay for it.  Jones leaving Denver...probably salary.  Broncos are massively overpaying Wilson.  He was on his rookie contract;  Seahawks are offering a pretty premium deal.  Wouldn't surprise me it's a good 40-50% more than Denver offered.


Another day, STILL no resolution with the ongoing Flake Fiasco.




Worth a watch.  The comments are much more big-picture than most.  And where's this coming from?



I gotta agree.  Kowtowing to the Flake would set them back 5 years *easily* by massively disrupting the corps they're developing.  And given that no one other than Trey Wingo was calling this a done deal?  I'm thinking this one's a couple cups of water in a cast iron pan under the noontime, midsummer desert sun.  Jets may be drinking the Kool-Aid, tho, as they've signed Lazard already.



(Awesome metaphor but way too long, dude.....oops.)

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No surprise.  Colts plan to release Matt Ryan.  From ESPN:



Indianapolis is planning to release the veteran quarterback and 2016 NFL Most Valuable Player, a team source confirmed to ESPN on Tuesday, which will bring an end to a disappointing single season as the Colts' starter.



The move comes just days before Ryan was due a $10 million roster bonus on Friday and will clear more than $17 million in salary cap space.


BTW, he's STILL costing $18M in dead cap space.  No-brainer move after last season.  Not clear to me if anyone will sign Ryan, even if he'd be willing to be a backup...for relatively cheap.  But "cheap enough for the team" and "enough to justify playing another year at Ryan's age" may be a relatively small target.  He may just choose to take his $300M and go home...or possibly to the broadcast booth or TV studio.  

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Lions WR Marvin Jones Jr. got signed by the Jags in 2021. 

Jags WR DJ Chark plays only 4 games 2021.

Jags let Chark go, he signs with Lions in 2022. 

2023: Lions let Chark go. Jags let Jones go. 

Jones signs with Lions. Again. 

"He will be counted on to help replace DJ Chark, who left the Lions in free agency to sign a one-year contract with the Carolina Panthers." 


I still think Chark was a real loss for the Jags. Hate to see Jones go, too, but I think he wasn't getting used right, so I don't blame him for wanting to leave. I just think it's funny that Jones is (essentially) replacing Chark twice now. 

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The valuation was, IIRC, somewhat HIGHER than that.  MLB, NBA, and NFL (especially) franchises are simply an excuse to print money.  One would think that the media rights deals would have some limits, but as long as they keep exploding in value, so will the franchises.


A factor here for me is who's buying.  The Waltons bought the Broncos.  Here, the ownership group includes Josh Harris, who also is in groups that own the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils.  (And a minority stake in the Steelers, but he'll obviously have to sell that.)  This isn't as bad as, say, Stan Kroenke, who owns the Rams, Nuggets, and Avalanche...and teams in MLS and secondary sports.  Both also own teams in the English Premier League.  Tidbit you might not have realized...I didn't:  the Waltons buying the Broncos wasn't out of the blue.  Kroenke is married to Ann Walton.

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Kansas City-based milk company releases 'Eagle Tears' flavor




"Have you ever tasted eagle tears before? Neither had we. But we gotta say, we weren't expecting their flavor profile to so closely resemble cheesecake," reads the bottle. "Cheesesteak, maybe. But not cheesecake. Bottling them was no easy feat. We had to conquer the West, defend our home turf (twice!) and travel all the way to the desert and back.


"Make no mistake, Kansas City. The contents of this bottle are very precious cargo. Savor it."




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With the draft approaching, inevitable thread on the Squawks blog about worst picks in franchise history.  Rather far down in the chatter is the following (it's about a different team, though):

Worst pick ever by a professional football team has to go to the Montreal Alouettes in 1996:
The Montreal Alouettes selected defensive end James Eggink of Northern Illinois in the fifth round of the league’s Canadian college draft on Thursday, only to learn a few hours later that the player had died of cancer last December.


Paired with a reply that counts as all-time snark:


Did he make the team?


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27 minutes ago, Pariah said:

Lists like.these are always a lot of fun.


Every NFL Franchise's All-Time Starting Roster


Yeah, you can argue those til you're blue in the face, like Rodgers being the QB over Favre and Starr?  Antonio Brown over John Stallworth?  Tom Brady as the Bucs best QB?  That might be a major slam on the rest of the QBs that've played there...it better be, cuz it's saying no one else did much of anything.  (I give Brady some credit for the SB win but not THAT!!! much.)  Major recency bias, IMO, but that's perhaps to be expected.  A curious point:  it looked like every roster was set up on modern lines...3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB.  Except for the Bears.  But then, it would truly be sacrilege to not choose both of their backs.



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