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Funding Your War On Crime


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4 hours ago, wcw43921 said:

You have to remember, most Dark Champions characters operate outside the law, especially if they're likely to use deadly force against their enemies.  Stealing from them to finance their operations would not be that big a deal to those "heroes"--after all, what's grand theft auto compared to murder, battery with a deadly weapon, and destruction of private property?


Dark Champions, okay. Four-color superhero campaign, not so much. But I've seen it done there as well.

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I agree--it shouldn't happen in four-color campaigns.  This being the Dark Champions forum, I figure the OP was looking for more under the radar revenue streams.  Licensing one's image for comics, movies, TV, toys--that's for mainstream heroes with a downtown headquarters and a direct line to the mayor, if not the President.  Urban vigilantes--especially if they are prone to use deadly force--are lucky to have a safe room in a slum tenement and a contact on the major crimes squad. So, yes, if the laundromats and the video casinos don't pay off like they hoped, they'll have to get--let's say "creative" in their financing.

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