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Hero Designer 3 versus the one currently for sale?


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I have HD3 from when I was active in Hero System when all the store and purchases where still online. I noticed there is no version number on the current HD for sale in the store. 


Is there a summary of the differences between the two somewhere? I was not sure if it was worth paying for the new program, or is it basically the same?


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2 hours ago, Simon said:

There have been more updates and upgrades to the software since v3 than can be listed.  You're talking about _years_ of updates...akin to asking what the differences are between Windows 95 and Windows 11.



That makes sense.  (Hopefully more Windows 10 than 11 though).


Will all my previous pregens work worth the new designer? 


(If it matters stuff like the Bestiary, Champions,  Vehicles,  and Bases that I grabbed for v3)

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I've yet to have a problem with anything, old or new. There are newer ways of doing things that make the old ones...obsolete(?) (such as the way you can do templates vs putting everything in prefabs), but the program reads it all the same.

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