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Looking for player online game of Fantasy Champions 6e


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I am looking for a player for a 6e game of Champions set in a fantasy campaign. It will be similar to a Fantasy Hero game, but using superheroic rules with 300 points. I am using the Pathfinder setting of Golarion for the maps, culture and deities. So far the players seem to be interested in being affiliated with the Pathfinder Society for support and guidance. The game hasn't started yet.


Most of the game will be in Discord text chat until we have an encounter that is more complex. If it turns into a combat, I will use Hero Combat manager and theater of the mind. If it is too much for that, I will switch to Fantasy Grounds just to track locations. I haven't been able to find a VTT with a good ruleset for Hero.

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Hey there. Sorry for the late response. The Hero game I 'was' in just ended yesterday and I am only now checking the forum to see whether there might be something else happening with room. 

I'm not quite sure how you mean to implement 300 point superhero rules for fantasy. I presume you have some sort of guidance document. I am very familiar with Hero though and am sure I can adapt to whatever it is you intend. You can find a sampling of my character build style here on the forums.


I've been playing Hero pretty much since the first publication box set back in the 80's. There is little I have not done in Hero. Fantasy is my preferred genre however, so I am especially interested in seeing what you have in mind. I am retired and so am available most days and times. I live in Montreal, Canada on Eastern Standard Time.

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1 hour ago, Penthau said:

I'm sorry, I should have posted an update, but the game didn't work out. 

So I'm up for a 300pt high fantasy(should you want to start a new game)
mondays and tuesdays from 5:30 pm pst I can commit to at the moment

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