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RWBY Aftershock Campaign


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I have enjoyed creating original characters of the RWBY style campaign I been running since July 2021, using the Hero Game system (on Saturday Mornings). The group on Saturday mornings is now three, and seeking a few more players. Of the current group of players only one is learning the Hero System.


I have included a HDC file of basic template for a typical Huntsman or Huntress character from RWBY. For ease of combat all characters and Grimm will nearly always have a speed of Four.


Game Name: RWBY Aftershock
System: Champions Complete [Access to other Sixth Edition powers and abilities with Head Masters permission]
Genre: World of Remnant/RWBY. Weapon is also a Gun!
Gaming Platform: Discord - Theater of the Mind. Reason is some of my players and myself not found a program for battle grids that all have access to.
Points: 425 pts, plus 75 pts complications
Active Points: 50-60. Head Master permission for higher active points in attacks. Defense is generally limited to maximum of 20pd/20ed (this is combined non resistant up to 8PD/8ED plus 12rPD/12rED from Aura which is 'limited'). All characters and grimm have speed of four for smoothness of play.
Maximum Number of Active Players: Five. 
Open Slots: 2 Slots.
Setting: World of Remnant just after the fall of Atlas. If you not familiar with RWBY then no need to apply, but if want to spend say 20+ hours to absorb knowledge of RWBY then go to https://roosterteeth.com/series/rwby.
Playtimes: Game starts 11:30am EST on Saturdays and typically runs 2 to 3 hours.

Information: players required to play the Huntsmen and Huntresses of good morales (and ethics). Must abide by Monty Oums Naming Rule for Characters. Maidens and magic uses not permitted for player characters. No unreasonable OCV/DCV. 

Message me if interested so I can invite to Discord Server where I run game.

Notes: Current game has been running since July of 2021.




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