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Hero Designer on Surface Go?


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I know HD only works on full operating systems. But I was not sure if Surface Go counts as a full system or not. We were looking at them and it seems they are not actually using Windows 11.


Has anyone tried it and know if Java runs on one? I would hate to buy it and find out it is useless. 

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Which version of the Go?  Version 3 runs Win 11.  By default it's the S version (only Microsoft Store apps) but it can be upgraded to Home, according to WIkipedia.


If it's running 11 Home, then it should run standard Java for Windows...and therefore run HD.


Mind, I very, very seriously doubt I'd want to.  Not on a tablet screen, not with, I suspect, the horrendous performance from a not-very-good processor that's further hobbled by the infinite bloatware known as Windows 11.  Touchscreens are *awful* when you're trying to make selections from tiny menus.  


Personally, you couldn't give me one.  I'll go further...if at all possible, I'll never get anything more from Microsoft.  I'm THAT frustrated with what they've done.  

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