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In my mid 50's and I have had to turn on UI scaling to be able to read things on computers. The joys of age. But Hero Designer ignores this. Everything is so small that I can not read it. I found that you should be able to use Java to change the font size, but that does not work:


java -Dsun.java2d.uiScale=2 -jar HD6.jar


This makes the program unusable by me and I bought the HSEG HD Files to use with them, which I can't do. Anyone found a solution to this or am I just out the money for something I can't use?

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20 hours ago, C-Note said:

HD6 Issues Under Windows High Resolution Screens


You need to run Hero Designer from the command line.


javaw -jar HD6.jar [font size]

for example, the following would set the default font size throughout the application to 18pt:

javaw -jar HD6.jar 18

I was running it from the command line. However, it seems what I found was not the correct command. The 18pt works wonderfully.


5 hours ago, unclevlad said:

Or just put that into a batch file, or a shortcut where that's what you put in the Target field.  

Yah, I planned on that when I found the original, non-working method. I tested from CLI, found it did not work, did some searches, and got tired of having to wait a minute between searches so posted about it.


I am exceptionally happy with the results. Thanks people. Makes it FAR more usable for my old, tired eyes!

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