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STR Minimum Damage calculation


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Is there an export template that will calculate STR Min weapon damage (5th or 6th edition).


If I go into the weapon and actually change the STR Min to the official amount (instead of a range) it works, sometimes.


And when it does work, you have to look through all the text and find the part that says "Xd6 with STR".


And when it does work, damage maximums are ignored.


I am not a coder.


HTML coding is way above my pay grade, when I read the explanation of how to do it, it just makes my head spin.


Metacreator calculates all of this by default with no problems.


It seems that the official company software should also.


Been frustrated by this since software came out.

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The STR Minimum Limitation's value is based on ranges of STR.  You select the appropriate range (which gives the Limitation the appropriate value) and then specify the actual STR Minimum (a single integer value).  If you leave it as a range or enter a non-numeric value, HD will simply not display the damage with STR.  If you enter an integer value for the STR Minimum, HD will calculate the weapon's damage with STR and does so in accordance with the rules -- +1 DC for every 5 points of STR over the minimum value, up to 2x the base damage for 5E and no upper limit for 6E.  

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Thanks for the reply:


This is what I have been doing.


"If I go into the weapon and actually change the STR Min to the official amount (instead of a range) it works, sometimes. "


Sometimes it works.


Sometimes it just forgets that I changed it.


And when it does work it shows stiletto damage as 1 1/2 d6 w/ STR (Maximum is 1d6+1).



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There is no "sometimes" -- you're either not changing it or changing it to a non-numeric value.  HD won't "forget" that you changed something -- that kind of code is fairly difficult to implement and I never saw the need.  The closest you'll come to that would be clicking on the "cancel" button when editing rather than "ok"


As for the damage on the stiletto - 1d6+1 would be a maximum for a 2DC base attack under 5E and is what HD will show when using 5th edition rules.  No such maximum exists under 6E rules.

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But rather than trying to describe it maybe you could look my vampire chick and see it.


The write-up shows that the STR Min is 5 but also still shows a range of 4 - 8.


Either way it's not showing the modified damage.


And: " Typically when a character adds damage to a
weapon with the STR Minimum rules, he can no
more than double the base Damage Classes of the
weapon used. However, at the GM’s option he can
do more damage than that, but the weapon
takes the full amount of damage it does to the
target (and thus probably breaks)."


Hero System 6th Edition Book 2 pg 199.


It could well be that I'm just doing something stupid or misunderstanding you.


If so please check this sheet and let me know.




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You edited the Power's writeup/display (double-clicking on the text and setting it to whatever you want).  The blue text is a good hint that you've done that.  HD won't update the displayed text when you've done this, since you've indicated that you want to override the default. Clearing it all out (double-clicking on the text and deleting it all before hitting enter) will reset it to the default and HD will update the text as needed.


As for the doubling rule, HD is following the rules as specified (and clarified) by Steve Long.  The text that you're quoting was taken originally from 5E and should be considered errata -- there is no doubling rule in 6E.

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