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Selling Characteristics in a Template/Prefab (6th ed)


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I'm trying to replicate some of the Templates in Kazei 5 for 6th ed, and the Basic Cyborg Template has:

Cyborg Body: Swimming -4m (-2 points)


I cannot seem to make this in the Prefab I am making ("New Prefab") because it won't let me add negative distance to Swimming.




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1. That's not what prefabs are for -- prefabs are pre-fabricated abilities, typically intended to represent more complex builds that are more than just a "click to purchase". 

2. You can't "sell off" Characteristics by purchasing a Characteristic Power.  

I would recommend either a simple Character saved as a starting point if you're after players choosing one (and only one) of the available options and building from there or a Package Deal if players should be able to choose more than one or apply to existing characters.

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