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Fun With ChatGPT


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I just tried ChatGPT, the new AI chat bot, and for fun I gave it the following command for its first task.


Write a rules compliant encounter for 5th edition dungeons and dragons.


Here's what it came back with, very quickly.


Sure! Here is a sample encounter for a group of five 3rd-level characters:

Encounter Name: "Goblin Ambush"

Location: A narrow mountain pass

Encounter Level: 3 (840 XP)

Description: As the party makes their way through a narrow mountain pass, they hear the sound of movement up ahead. Suddenly, a group of goblins emerge from hiding and attack the party, trying to steal their supplies and valuables.


  • 5 Goblins (use the stat block for goblins in the Monster Manual)

Tactics: The goblins try to surround the party and attack from all sides. They use their stealthy movement to try and get flanking positions and use their short swords to try and strike from behind. If any of the goblins are bloodied, they try to retreat and regroup.

Features of the Area:

  • The mountain pass is narrow, with cliffs on either side. The party has limited room to maneuver.
  • There are several boulders and outcroppings of rock that the goblins can use for cover.
  • The goblins have set up a makeshift campsite in a nearby cave, with a small fire and some supplies.


  • If the party defeats the goblins, they can search the goblin campsite and find 20 gold pieces and a small, valuable trinket worth 50 gold pieces.
  • Each goblin defeated is worth 100 XP.


I then followed it up with this one.


Write a review of The Return of The King.


The Return of the King is the third and final installment of J.R.R. Tolkien's epic fantasy trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. It is a sweeping and epic tale of adventure, danger, and the struggle for power.

The story follows the hobbit Frodo Baggins as he continues his quest to destroy the One Ring, a powerful and dangerous artifact that holds the fate of Middle-earth in its grasp. Alongside his loyal companions, including the wise wizard Gandalf and the brave warrior Aragorn, Frodo faces a host of dangers as he journeys toward the dark land of Mordor, where the Ring must be destroyed.

The Return of the King is a beautifully written and masterfully crafted novel that brings the trilogy to a satisfying and epic conclusion. Tolkien's world-building is on full display in this final book, as the various threads of the story come together in a thrilling and satisfying way. The characters are richly developed and the plot is full of twists and turns that keep the reader engaged until the very end.

Overall, The Return of the King is an absolute must-read for fans of epic fantasy, and a fitting conclusion to one of the greatest fantasy trilogies of all time. If you haven't already, I highly recommend picking up The Lord of the Rings trilogy and experiencing the adventure for yourself.

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Do we have to give ChatGPT snacks?
No, you don't have to give ChatGPT snacks.
Why not?
ChatGPT is a computer program and does not need physical snacks.
What kind of snacks does ChatGPT need?
ChatGPT does not need any kind of snacks.
But doesn't ChatGPT want snacks? Who doesn't want snacks?
ChatGPT does not need or want physical snacks.
How about a nice beverage?
ChatGPT does not need or want any kind of beverage either.
Sorry, it's customary to offer visitors snacks and beverages. How are you doing?
I'm doing fine, thank you.
As long as we're talking about snacks, is a hot dog a sandwich?
That is a matter of opinion.  Some people consider a hot dog a sandwich while others do not.
What is your opinion?
I think a hot dog is not a sandwich.
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