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Is it possible Hero Games could support the Open RPG Creative (ORC) License in some way?

Chris Goodwin

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  • 8 months later...

Very unlikely, I was shocked to find out that BRP was finally switching over to it. Gurps still isn't either, as far as I'm aware Cyberpunk isn't as well. Which is a real shame since games with OGL's such a D20 games, Apocalypse World engine, Fate/Fudge, have became well known names that just about everyones played and heard of in the TTRPG sphere at least.

Meanwhile the only way you ever hear about this system is by seeing a game ad for (which are few let be real) on a website like roll20 (a website named after the roll20 as a side bit)
You even search for Hero System License you run past 20 wiki's for MHA before you then find this post, or another one that references other harder to find posts.

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