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Revised Skill System for HERO - looking for feedback please!

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Thank you for the explanation, and in that case I don't need to muddle things up by putting more on your plate. I don't have a problem telling players what the probabilities are, but you raise a good point that, for situations where there's an unseen influence affecting the roll, the current system either has you reveal that to the players or do some mental arithmetic behind the scenes and then explain why a roll of 12 on a 13- didn't actually succeed. So switching to the roll vs difficulty model will give you a new option to play around with.


And, if you're aiming this at teaching a new player while the GM still has plenty of experience, you can offload nearly everything but Skill Levels to the GM's discretion and keep calculations relatively simple for the player. Obviously everyone's an individual with their own likes and dislikes, but I can definitely see this being a smoother introduction for new players.

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