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Vibro/Energy Blades & Multiple Limbs w/ Ambidex

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Hello, most helpful community in the multiverse!


Next set of questions for my AI piloted assault robot/power armor...


1. What does having an extra set of limbs with ambidex actually accomplish? What's the benefit? I'm trying to envision how I would use them in combat in particular and what the advantage is.

2. I'd like to add a melee option, that being vibro blades (channeling Robotech here) OR energy blades. I envision the vibro blades actually being retractable physical blades with a power built in. I see swords in the equipment book which could be a start? What Power would I add? Let's say it isn't a physical blade... Could it be a blast power that has a limitation of a 1m reach? In terms of a point spend, the vibro sword concept is cosmetic to add to my cool factor. If you feel it's a larger point spend than the energy blade, I'd let it go.

3. Referring to my 1st question, the blades would apply to my regular 2 limbs. The extra set of 2 limbs wont have hands and are weapons. Do you think I could get some CP back since they are not hands? I'm thinking particle beam cannons with kill damage that fall into a disintegration category (currently inspired by the Dune movies). It could cut thru organic and inorganics. How do I tackle disintegration, first of all and regarding inorganics, how do you gauge the hardness of inorganics? In other words, cut through wood vs. concrete vs. steel, etc.


Thanks for the continued character gen support!

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1.  Technically nothing on its own...which is why it's so cheap.  It becomes a justification for several things, more than anything...things like Rapid Attack, or Two Hand Defense, or even + to OCV and DCV.  OCV...feint with one weapon, attack with a different.  DCV, always have a free hand to block.

2.  You can use the equipment book, but you don't need to.  The cornerstone question is, does STR apply, do you get to add STR to the damage?  If so, then it's an HA or (likely) HKA.  If not, then it's a Blast, No Range.  Note that Blast, No Range fits in something of a rules hole, in that it's not quite ranged and it's not quite melee.  In most cases, you want to define it as an HA or HKA.  Reach has a somewhat messy, complex definition based on Stretching with some limitations...me, I prefer to define it as an adder.  +1m for 1 point.  Vibro blade or energy blade...that's SFX.  

3.  No, you'd get nothing for the weapon-limbs, why should you?  What have you lost?  Nothing, since the other limbs do have hands.  There are some tables...see 6E2 171.  BTW, wood is organic.

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