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Character packs how to?

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I am very confused.  Bought the Pulp Adventures Character pack.  I see three new Talents (animal friendship, hotshot pilot, inspire) in the unzipped file but I cannot figure out how to either add them to a character or better yet, permanently add them to the Talents list.  I read through the manual, but how to use character packs was short and generic, and sadly, I kinda need a more detailed walkthrough of how to use these.     Also, noticed there is a plugin folder when Designer is unzipped...what constitutes a plugin and goes there?

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Please see the documentation included with HD for a full discussion on how to use Prefabs and Package Deals (as well as how to create them).


The plugins folder is for third-party created plugins to HD -- ways to programmatically alter or add to the behavior of HD. There were some in the very early days to deal with migrating characters from 4th Edition rules, but not too much in the time since.

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