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Finalising my GenCon characters and proofreading them. I have exported them like 47 times at this point during the process. There are a few spots where I have been manually editing text EACH TIME. It would make my life easier if I could set the non-WG abbreviation, but I am unsure how to do so. I have "Use Abbreviation Where Possible" turned on and "Use WG Abbreviations" off. I have looked through my export templates, appPrefs, campaign rules, and I don't see anywhere to add a specific abbreviation.


Does it go in the Export Format or the Campaign Rules? How would I format it? If you could point me to the correct space, I can tinker with it. Just not sure where to start. Thanks!

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The abbreviations (WG and otherwise) are in the rules template (hdt).  ABBREVIATION and WGABBREVIATION.  They can be applied to any item in there (or changed), but would require a custom template that re-defines all abilities/items that you want to change.

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Just to be sure: you do realize that you can edit pretty much any text directly within HD's interface, correct? If you're editing the characters after export every time, that would tend to indicate a need to change the text within HD itself (prior to export). There are multiple "levels" at which you can do this...from the individual component to the entire display string for an ability.

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