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A Hero Challenge: I summoun the Iron Chefs!!

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Okay after attending a new years eve party where part of the entertainment was watching a Iron Chef marathon combined with my new found interest in Champions...I've come up with a little challenge for you folks...cause the show itself simply screams for this particular treatment. Let's face it...Thank God for Kitchen Stadium...otherwise Chairman Kaga would be plotting the complete takeover of the world on some secret island base somewhere, stroking a white cat, while 007 planned his downfall.




During the final climatic episode of Iron Chef, a metorite comes streaking out of the heavens and strikes the heart of Kitchen Stadium! It's strange extra-terrestial radiation endows each of the Iron Chefs with strange and wondrous powers far beyound those of Mortal Men.


Now led by the enigmatic telepath Chairman Kaga, the Ultimate Champions of Culinary Skill use their gastronomic superpower to wage a never ending battle against the forces of evil and fast food across the globe.


They are: Iron Chef French: Sakai Hiroyuki

Iron Chef Chinese: Chen Kenichi

Iron Chef Japanese: Morimoto Masaharu

and Iron Chef Italian: Kobe Masahiko


Together they are the hope of Mankind...they are the Iron Chefs!!



Pls build each hero accordingly using a standard 350 point spread...Have fun!


Love Always


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Let see what would be there powers be:

Iron Chef Chinese Chen Kenichi: heat power from radioactive Szechwan.


Iron Chef Japanese Morimoto Masaharu: mega-scale flight, how else does he get back and forth from the US to Japan for his battles.


Iron Chef Italian Kobe Masahiko: Invisiblity, really how often do yoyu see him.


Iron Chef French Sakai Hiroyuki: can deal with the French:).



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Sakai has extraordinary bladework skills. Remember the apple peeling?


Morimoto's predecessor had the 'Broth of Vigor'. Sounds like an ingested booster to me.


Chen... the son of the god of szechuan cooking. Some mystical influences going on?


All have a high charisma but mediocre COM, except Kobe who has the reverse. All have skill levels in their cuisine and KS: Ingredient Evaluation, but Sakai has bonus levels in artistic presentation.


Kaga, the man has an iron stomach I'm sure but knows how to dress to impress. I wonder though, is he also the guy in the uniform at the beginning of Extreme Challenge? Watching some of those contestants, its enough to make ME hurt sometimes.

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From what I've heard or seen whenever I've watched the show,

Rosanjin was more or less the Grand High Poobah of cuisine in

Japan at some point in the past. I'd have to watch the show a

great deal more to find out.


Oh yeah, let's not forget about the former Parlimentarian who

sits on the Tasting & Judging Panel from time to time, or the

photographer who was also one of the semi-regulars.


Space Cadet :cool:

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