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What would a Perk like this be worth?

Space Cadet

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I'm not sure if this the right part of the boards for this topic,

but here goes anyway...


In looking over the various Perks in the Hero System, I suddenly

remembered an old Reader's Digest story that I'd come across

some years ago. It was about a woman who had undergone surgery

to have a nuclear battery-powered pacemaker hooked up to her

heart. Because she did a lot of cross-border travel between the

U.S. and Canada (job-related, I think), she had to get a special

permit to transport nuclear material across international bord-



So, what I'm asking you fellow Herophiles is this: what do you guys

think that a Perk like that would be worth in terms of character



Space Cadet :confused:

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Such a permit would undoubtly indicate exactly what type of nuclear material the person has and what its purpose is. Since that wouldn't allow the person to get away with carrying other nuclear material I cannot see how it would be worth much. I agree with TheEmerged that it'd be worth 1 point at most.


In fact such a person might have a Distinctive Feature detectable only with special senses.

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But definately a PhysLim that an evil GM would use now and then...


"So the Villain apparently wants this Nuclear Battery, since youre alot easier to get to than a real Nuclear depot of some kind. MWhahhaha! "


Aight, Im really only kidding.


But I think it would depend on the setting. If youere running an alternate Erath where the Cold War never ended, thats gonna be worth more than 1, assuming the border travel happens alot (like one lives in Canada and works in the US). But other than that, I agree... yea 1 pt.



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