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What homages would you LIKE to see in the 5th Ed CU?


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Okay, Mechanon is a homage to Ultron.

Dr. Destroyer started out very much like Doom.

Istvatha is very different from Darkseid herself, but her resources are similar.


Nighthawk is similar to Batman, and Defender, being in powered armor, can't escape Iron Man's shadow...

Ravenswood seems to borrow a lot from a certain bald guy's school.

And you know what, that's okay.

It's even cool if I may geek for a moment.


So, who would you WANT to see a homage to in the newest edition of the Champions Universe? One that (as far as you know) doesn't exist ...yet.

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*rabid Classic Kitty Pryde defender mode -- enable*


Kitty may be lame /now/, God knows, but I remember her glory days. (Circa 1984-1987, to be precise).


God, what a girl. I'll never get either the limited series *or* X-MEN ANNUAL #9 out of my head until the day I die. *sigh* Those were the good old days...


*mode off*

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I think everyone needs a Superman. We are also missing some god-heroes (Thor, Hercules, etc). I know there are two of them in India, but that doesn't help us in the US. :)


As far as villain homages, I would like to see Gorilla Grodd, some Atlantean villains from both Marvel and DC, and Juggernaut.

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I think Sai of Millennium City might be a Shadowcat homage. True, she teleports instead of phases, but... it's possible to play her in similar vein (Of course, we don't have an official sheet on her yet) ;)


Oh, and Levi, I like your homage to the Vision while bringing back AVAR 7 move. Seems a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

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Originally posted by levi

This may not be exactly on topic, but I would like to see AVAR 7 redone to be Vision-like. An android created by Mechanon as his perfect "son" who betrays him and joins his emenies.

I think that would be a much better idea for a player's character. I wish some of my players would think up things like that!

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God almighty, Freedom City is outstanding.


Officially licensed HERO conversion, /please/.


(The M&M rules engine... it's weird. I can crunch Hero System in my head. I munch most D20 games like popcorn. GURPS is as much a native language to me as English. Tri-Stat, I can do in my sleep. Even /Palladium/ made sense... mostly. The only rules engine that has ever kicked my butt is Chart... I mean, Rolemaster.


/And/ Mutants & Masterminds. It's supposed to be so simple, and yet I just can't get it at all. I have no idea why, but I just can't.


But I'd really, really love to spend some time in that world... and it so loudly begs for an official Champions conversion...)

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Power Pack really only works for a very light-hearted game. The idea of pre-teens being allowed to fight supervillains with the rest of the hero community not calling Mom & Dad kinda goes against the 'default' tone of Champions, aka 'We're mostly taking this seriously'.


For that matter, even teen superheroes aren't encouraged by the general hero community in the Champions U, as witness Ravenswood Academy's policy on extra-curricular activities...


The Champions U hero-community-at-large seems to take the quite reasonable position that if you want to volunteer for a job involving combat duties and deadly danger, you should be a legal adult.


Note -- I /liked/ Power Pack. i just don't want their homage to be /here/.

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Originally posted by Bengal

How about Aquaman? The biggest loser in the JLA until he got rebooted. He's pretty cool now.


I'd also like them to try a multi-generational origin for a Hawkman, but, you know, make it work.


Black Mask doesn't count?


And the CU already has an Atlantis, complete with royalty... although if you wanted your own Aquaman homage, by all means, give Queen Mara a long-lost son and then some old age...


(The 4e Atlantis sourcebook -- well, the Prince and Princess seemed to be more /parodies/ of Namor and Namorita, not homages...)

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