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Help with an international team


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Okay so here's the concept this particular team of heros works offically works under the control of the United Nations...but in reality they tend to act rather independentally of UN resolutions and of course national loyality also plays a big role in the group as well. Each hero is appointed by their home goverment and approved by a special vote of the UN security council. The team consists of 10 heros w/ five countries permanently represented (US, UK, France, Russia and China) and five rotating countries each appointed with two year memberships.


I have 9 players at present and they have filled out most of the group but I still have a 10th slot open to be filled with a NPC and I'm stuck for an idea. So I was hoping you folks would look over the current membership roster and come up with some suggestions for both country and archetype. Ohh and a general rewiew of the concept in general. Thank you.


Love Always



Code Name: LOGIC (League of Global and International Champions)


From the United States of America

Captain Jack Madison aka Jack Rabbit...Speedster/Leapster


From the Republic of Ireland

Sean O'Reily aka The Green Man...Plant Control


From the French Republic

Dominique Janelle LaCroix aka The Maid...Demi Brick (Joan of Arc reincarnation)


From the United Kingdom

Peter Blane aka Gargoyle...Flying Brick/Earth Control Powers


From the Czech Republic

Jiri Dvorak aka Alchemist...Mystic


From the Russian Federation

Ilyana Vlasov aka Ursa Major...Animal Control/Shape Shifter


From the United Mexican States

Alejandro Del la Vega aka Dolrado...Blaster (Solar F/X)


From the Commonwealth of Australia

Martin Morgan aka Bommerang...Reflective/Absortion Powers


From the Peoples Republic of China

Xiang Zhong aka Red Tiger...Martial Artist/Mentalist


From the _____

_______ _______ aka ________ ... _________

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Re: Help with an international team


While it's hard to tell if any of your group is already scienfically minded, they seem to lack tech... so two options...



From Japan, Steelwind (don't speak Japanese, or I'd use a translation), a cyborg warrior of cutting edge technology.


From Egypt, The Scarab, despite his fondness for ancient egytpian stylings, has a suit of powered armor and is a brilliant scientist.

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I've got an Egyptian supervillain in my campaign named Scarab who uses a 12' tall titanium/ceramic battlesuit built as a vehicle. She's a brilliant computer designer/programmer, mechanical engineer and cyberneticist. She's a core member of my all female villain team, Force 10.


(I'm not giving anything away to my players here, because they already know who she is. The trick is finding her,) :)

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Since membership of the UN Security Council rotates so all countries, except non-members, are represented then makes sense for a "third world" nation to have representation on your supergroup.


Here's a few options from Africa for you to consider


From Ghana

Charles Yeboah aka Agwe - Avatar of the West African Sea God


From Tunisia

Mounir Zenaidi aka Bouile de Feu (French for FireBall) - Pyromancer


From Kenya

John Otieno aka Captain Invincible - "Superman" clone (who says that alien visitors have to always land in the USA)


From Sudan

Ali Diriage aka Basenji - canine-like hunter and brawler

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Originally posted by Siberian Tiger

From Ghana

Charles Yeboah aka Agwe - Avatar of the West African Sea God



I like this idea. When I first read the original post, I immediately thought "where's the African?" but ST beat me to the punch. Africa and the Middle East are the only major areas not yet represented, so someone from one of those would be good to round out the team geographically. Making the NPC an aquatic character also gives you an easy out as a GM when you don't want them around. "Where's Agwe?" "Oh, he's out rescuing a sunken submarine/dealing with some aquatic threat/emergency."

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From Sudan

Ali Diriage aka Basenji - canine-like hunter and brawler


Hey Thanks...I like this one...consider it stolen that's a great super name.


yeah i noticed after everyone put in their final submissions that we were way short on the 3rd world nations but I was for suffering from writers block. So again that you.


The whole idea is really coming along nicely...we already have a few in jokes. Due to the name of the group, the main computer/AI in headquarters is known as SPOCK and the orbiting satelite is SAREK.


Now all I have to do is design HQ, the team uniform and the archvillian and we got a game *S*


Love Always


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I am running a game right now that uses bits from the Champions Universe.


I like the name UNTIL and the idea behind it, but I took it one step further.. UNTIL is an active international police force with and the UN has a standing army which is deployed to deal resolutions. I have a website set up at http://worldobserver.rpgmainframe.com


Hopefully it will help you some. While the information isn't complete, it is steadily growing.



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Really enjoyed your web-page...nicely done mate. Loved the world timeline you put up as well btw. actually it gave me a few ideas.


Now here's a quick update...I picked up two new players this week. Yahoo! So that means I wont have to be running a npc member of LOGIC after all. But it also means that a slight change has taken place in the group itself.


LOGIC now consists of 11 members, 5 permanent countries represented, 5 rotating countries and 1 neutral observer member (our new Alien visitor and intergalatic ambassador). I mentioned the observation made by you good folk about the lack of third world countries and my players took note...I'm shocked really, they never listen to me when I bring up things like this usually. but anyway, the membership roster now appears thusly.



1) Representing The United States of America

Captain Jack Madison: Code Name, Jack Rabbit (Speedster/Pilot)


2) Representing The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Lord Peter Blane, the 13th Baron Oldswater: Code Name, Gargoyle. (Flying Brick)


3) Representing The French Republic

Dominique Janelle LaCroix: Code Name, The Maid (Demi Brick)


4) Representing The Peoples Republic of China

Xiang Zhong: Code Name, Red Tiger (Martial Artist/Gadeteer)


5) Representing The Russian Federation

Ilyana Vlasov: Code Name, Ursa Major (Shapeshifter/Animal Control)


6) Representing The Commonwealth of Australia

Martin Morgan: Code Name, Bommerang (Reflective)


7) Representing The Republic of Ireland

Sean O'Reily: Code Name, The Green Man (Plant Control)


8) Representing The Republic of Namibia

Theo-Ben Shafishuna: Code Name, Kalahari (Elemental)


9) Representing The Lao People's Democratic Republic

Khamtai Lengsavat: Code Name, The Emerald Buddah (Mentalist/Healer)


10) Representing The Czech Repubic

Jiri Dvorak: Code Name, Alchemist (Mystic/Potion Maker)


11) Representing The Pleadian Planetary Alliance

D'Terra Kim: Code Name, Off-Worlder (Alien)


I have bio's if anyone is interested...If you can't tell I'm really getting all jazzed about my first hero/champions campaign


Love Always


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I think this is a really good team idea.


I have a small comment. The player of the French character might want to call her La Pucelle (which is French for "The Maid").


Two reasons for this.


1. The French are very jealous of their language. They hate having words from other cultures subsumed into French. They even have a list of first prescribed names. A French child must be given one of the traditional names from the list. Well, that's what I've read in a couple of places, anyway.


2. If she's known simply as The Maid, how long will it be before some bright spark starts referring to her as the French Maid? Of course, you might like that idea...

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Originally posted by Crimson Arrow

I think this is a really good team idea.


I have a small comment. The player of the French character might want to call her La Pucelle (which is French for "The Maid"). If she's known simply as The Maid, how long will it be before some bright spark starts referring to her as the French Maid? Of course, you might like that idea...


I had the exact same reaction on this very board when someone suggested the name orginally due to this particular character's origin/history and to the player herself when she decided on it. But the name is historically and culturally accurate. Soliders serving under Joan of Arc from what I understand and people in France today still refer to Joan of Arc as the Maid of Orleans or simply The Maid...and yes she uses the French Version of the Name and for that matter all the chars use the Native form of their Super Code Names, for example Emerald Buddah = Phra Kaeo in Laos.


Now I have four options for super villians / opposition forces for the team and I can't determine which is the better choice.


1) A Rouge World Dominiation Para-MIlitary Organization ala SPECTRE

2) An Evil All Powerful Mega-Corp ala Microso...umm Lex-Corp

3) A Shadowy Historical Psuedo Mystical/Regilous Secrect Society ala the Knights Templar or Skull and Bones

4) An Conquest focused Evil Star Empire ala the Go'uald System Lords.

5) All the above.


ohh and one more thing...any advice on how best to run a Champions Campaign for 11 players...this is my largest group ever...up to now my personal record was 5 players at any one time...but now I've ended up with 11 (Says volumes about this particuar genre) and man am I feeling the pressure.


Love Always



P.S. Bios to be forthcoming *S*

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My only concern was that she was called "The Maid" instead of the French version (as seems to happen a lot in American comics, eg Crimson Fox).


By the way, I have just noticed that half of the team is from Europe. I don't have a problem with that (I'm British), but the UN might...


Of course, it's a superhero game, so what's realism got to do with things? :)


The current mix doesn't include any Moslems. I don't know if your campaign world is similar to our one, but I can't see the UN not having a representative of such a major religion.


If you think you need to alter the imbalance, the easiest switch might be to make the Czech into a Middle-Eastern scholar. He might even have preserved his life since, say, the Crusades. It might make for interesting role-playing with the French character.


Sorry, I feel like I'm picking holes in what is a very good idea. I think I tend to be more concerned with ones that capture my imagination (see, it's a good thing really).


As to the enemies, I think "All of the above." They all sound good to me.

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Again thanks for the input mate.


As far as world / ethnic diversity is concerned it really isn't that huge a thing really when you think about how the group is set up in the long run.


Membership in LOGIC is set up in the same manner of the UN Security Council. There are 5 permanent seats in the groups belonging to the US, UK, France, Russia and China. The other 5 seats are rotating memberships of two year duration, which can belong to any member country dependent on a majority vote of 15 member UN Security Council.


So in theory you could have 4 middle eastern nations represented or a majority of communist states in the group or even one to two potential rouge states as members, for example, North Korea, Iran and Iraq have all had operatives on the team in the past and Cuba just ended a term, being replaced by Australia.


The membership terms are staggered as well to avoid a mass newbie situation. For example as set up at present...this is the first year of the Australian and Laos term in the group and last year of the Namibian, Irish, and Czech term


Then there is the observer post which belongs to the Pleadian Alliance rep which rotates every 5 years, currently held by D'Terra Kim who is in the middle of her term.


Love Always


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