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Your first Champs character.

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Mine was a mentalist I called the The Living Ego. Yes....he had overconfidence. He was actually killed in a battle by Anklosaur. I played another character called Electron for a while, but eventually...a plotline came along that had the Living Ego's consciousness enter Electron's body. Eventually, The Living Ego reshaped the new body to resemble his old one...and he was back in the game. I ended up playing him for another six years.(Yes, he is QUITE powerful at this point.)



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Guest Confusinator

My first character back in 1984 was Iceman, based on the X-man character Iceman (big suprise there).


I was our group's main GM though, so I never got to play Iceman. I ended up making him a villian with multiple personalities. As Iceman, he was the member of the team everyone knew and loved. As Black Ice, he was a psychopathic killer with a vendetta against the team, and intimate knowledge of their Secret ID's. All our character's were based on us, so Iceman/Black Ice was also me. It was so cheesy at the time.


Eventually the group figured things out, and wasted Black Ice, but not before the whole world vs mutants theme came into full force.

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My first Champions character? Back of a hobby store.... a group was gathering and was sort of 'open'. I had not had a chance to play Champions before. When someone asked if I wanted to give it a try, I nodded, but told them the only thing I could think of at the time was a telekinetic (I was sure that they already had to have one) and found out they didn't.


Thus, my first champions character was whipped up hurriedly and without much fuss and some help T.K.. and yes, this was years before the mutant file came out with a bad guy (Booo hisss) of the same name ;)


I ended up joining a regular campaign with a tempermental but decent guy who was a good GM. TK was used for many moons, and only recently passed away after serving as an NPC in my own campaign.

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Guest TheAuthority

The first time I played Champions the GM wanted me to play two characters. ICON, a Captain America type, and Bastion, a Brick with Growth and Density Increase, tagline, "TIME TO OPEN UP A CAN OF WHUPASS!"

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Irving was my first character-- I think I commented in another thread about how the freeform powers approach of Hero was not very well explained to me (and Champs 4th ed was mostly lacking in examples), so I ended up going with the simple design of the basic brick.


I cannot for the life of me think of why I made him one of the NYPL lions, though. A truly demented flash of inspiration, I guess.

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Hmmm, The Spectre of Death.


No really. Long ago (circa 1980--pre Champs) I created a character Pulsar, who had been blown up and trapped in between dimensions. He could project an energy version of himself back into our dimension, and channel energy powers back through.


Well, when I got the Champions 4th edition book, I look through it, and decided to create that old idea. And lo and behold, there already was a character named Pulsar.


So, I tweaked the concept, and had the character be able to manipulate his projected form, giving himself desolidification/density increase/Teleportation/energy projection powers (all 4, in a pretty big multipower).


I tweaked the background some, and decided that with a limitation of "mysterious and secretive" he'd need to be ... well, mysterious and secretive.


So, I cobbled together a picture based on a cross using the Moon Knight's cape and mask set up, and the Punisher's blue bodysuit with skull motif, and used that as my character.


But I forgot the most important thing of all, a character name. D'oh.


So, I just appeared, and one of the players said, "Ohmighod, it's the Spectre of Death."


And, hence that became his name. He's not my first superhero, but he's my first Champions character.



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My first character was, er, Lightray. Flying "light" energy projector with desolid (into light). 30 pts. Flash Def., But no Flash (d'oh!).


First adventure we played was Viper Nest (!), wherein I developed Lightray's signature move: bouncing his energy blast off of shiny, shiny Solar Sailor (a clone of Silver Surfer). SS's player hated when I did that -- but it was so fun!

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My first character was a 250 point brick named Thud. I had a lot of fun with him, but the two guys GMing got frustrated with him because he was hard to put down. I think that was interesting considering that they made him up as I had no concept of the rules yet. I just knew how to run a brick from all the comics I had read.

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My first Champs character was Shadowfist. I made hime back in '95 or '96. He was basicly a superpowered ninja, unfortunetly when I made him his points were spread too thin and in nearly every combat situation he got KO'd and I would just sit there waiting for the fight to end so I could get back in the game. I now consider that character a learning experience (it was also my first time with the system).

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1st Character was ......


My first character?

Hmmm 1983 around November.

Let me get out the Character Sheet.


His name was Stellar.

He had 30 Strength, a 20 Dex, 25 Pd/Ed, Flight, Invisibility, 8d6 Energy Blast and Desolidifcation.

Some Skills,



Not really a bad first Character.


My favorite Character?


Argus came along in 1985 or so. I built him quickly for a game that was starting in 20 minutes.



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Re: Twenty MINUTES?


Originally posted by Haven Walkur

I am humble before the Master of Geek-Fu. You built a Champions character in TWENTY MINUTES? Seriously, I'm impressed; it always takes me forever, and I have a friendly uber-nerd helping me!


In version 3 & 4 I could build a character in under 20 minutes without the books whild waiting for my lunch to arrive from the Bowling Ally.



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He had a floursecent costume. It was yellow, pink and blue. He could do a flash attack.


That's it.


Later he learned to focus the light from his flash attack into a force beam to actually damage people. And later thanthat he learned to focus the beam from his feet so he could fly.


And he had a LaForge visor... cuz he was cool like dat.

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My first character was named THUNK:


Think the incredible hulk without the anger problems...


Brilliant Scientist, Nuclear tests, mutates into big monster:


Fun character running around going THUNK SMASH...


Here was the catch, he kept his INT (of 30 IIRC)...He had a sense of humor, and realised he would be underestimated if he played stupid. Most of the party thought he had 3d6 in luck, because I would roll 3d6 for skill rolls...

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My first Champions character back in the mid-80s was a brick/

energy projector called Starguard (this was before the Allies

supplement came out). He had super-strength, flight (FTL and

normal in-atmosphere movement both), and had the power to

generate/project the full spectrum of phenomena associated

with stars -- light, heat, gravity, radiation, etc. As originally

written, the character was slightly above the (then) limit of

250 points, but the GM liked the character concept so much

(a Green Lantern/Superman type of character) that he let me

run Starguard as was, provided I didn't have him use powers

that were outside of his stated abilities. In the 4 to 5 years

that the campaign ran, I don't think he ever regretted having

let me do that. He told me some time later that my character

being in the campaign had given him plot ideas he might not

have had otherwise.


I'm currently in the process of rewriting the character to fit

the current rules, and I've already given him a new name,

since there's already someone in the current version of the CU

called Starguard (even if it is a slightly different version of the



Space Cadet :cool:

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Warp, a refugee from an alternate Earth ruled by vampires. He still had a taint that made him smell good, or something, since he had "Hunted by Vampires, 8-" as a Disadvantage.

Area Effect Mental Illusions to warp reality, a force field made by animating nearby debris, and a Multiform to Razor (a metal skinned clawed troll) and Rascal (a flying imp with Variable Special Effect EB spit).

I made the mistake of giving him the Powers that I wanted and a 30 Ego, then putting whatever was left into other characteristics. With his SPD 3, he bacame known for making 2 attacks in an entire battle. Of course, the GM wasn't very good and fights tended to drag. This was a guy whose idea of a plot hook was "A dimensional anomaly opens in your base's parking lot and a group of villains emerge." It became a running gag, along with the "giant UFO hovering over the city".

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Nightshift, my Daredevil homage (sans blindness and super-senses) I bult on 200 points for a street-level supers game in 4th Ed Ninja HERO. He was a kid from the streets of LA rescued from a gang-land beating by an old martial arts master. He learned all he could and decided to "clean up the streets" after graduating high school. His trademark was wielding a black wooden bokken (I was a Musashi fan at the time). His arch nemesis was Rat, an actual half-man, half-rat mutant with a taste for human blood and whose natural DEX and Speed made him more than a match for Nightshift's martial skills. High point of his crimefighting career: getting into a relationship with the assassin/anti-hero Sipristi (Whom I considered at the time HEROs version of Electra).

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