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multiple movement forms

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While I am pretty much sure I have figured this out based on the rules, I am still a little unsure about this...


Basically, the question(s) deal with using multiple forms of movement in a single phase.


It looks like if a person wants to use multiple forms of movement, that character would need to make a 1/2 move with the first power (say, Running), and then a 1/2 move with the second (such as Tunneling). The reason I believe this is the comment that you cannot use even a zero-phase action during a 1/2 move (and activating a second movement power would be a zero-phase action, correct?)


If this is correct, it would seem that the running leap doesn't really work, unless all you want is a 1/2 leap...


OR, can you activate both movement powers, and move proportionally with both...




Digger has 10" running and 10" tunneling (though 10DEF).


Question 1: He runs 5", then tunnels 5" (this is legal, because both are 1/2 phase actions). Would he pay full END for both powers (2 END for the Running, and 5 END for the Tunneling)?


Question 2: He activates (and pays full END for) both movement powers. He then moves 3" running, and 2" tunneling. (the 3" running is 30% of his running, and the 2" tunneling is 20% of his tunneling, thus 50% and a half-move?) (note: I assume this is not legal)


Question 3, the "silly" question:

Is there a minimum DEF/BODY on tunnelling? I.e., can you tunnel through water, or through air?


Thanks for your time, on what probably seems like very silly questions!


Silbeg... the confused...

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1-2. If a character wanted to use two forms of movement in a Phase, he’d have to make a Half Move (defined, as always, as using up to half one’s inches of movement in a Phase) with both, effectively ending his Phase. A “running leap” is just a Leap — making a Leap may involve some running, as discussed by the rules on 5E 21. The END cost for Movement Powers used to make Half Moves is discussed in the Rules FAQ.


3. Characters cannot use Tunneling to move through air, water, or the like; the Power only works on solid substances (primarily soil).

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