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I present for my fellow gamers my Super Heroic adaptaion of Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat. I will include his origin as this is an hero adapted to be similar and is not the Well known Lin Kuei ninja from the games. He is built on a 375 points (200 base + 175 in Disadvantages). This is also the result of entering my old character info into the demo version of hero designer and then rewriting the costs



Real Name: Victor Chang




Value Stat Base Points Combat Base Levels Total

20 STR 10 10 OCV: 10 +5 15

30 DEX 10 60 DCV: 10 +5 15

20 CON 10 20 ECV: 5 +5 10

20 BOD 10 20

15 INT 10 5

15 EGO 10 10

20 PRE 10 10

10 COM 10 0

4 PD 4 0

4 ED 4 0

6 SPD 4 20

15 REC 8 14

40 END 40 0

60 STUN 40 20

Total Stat Cost 179


Skills & Perks Roll Cost

Perk: American Citizeship N/A 1

Perk: Licensed Martial Arts Instructor N/A 1

Language:Cantonese Completely N/A 0

Fluent, Literate Native Language

Language:English, Completely Fluent, 4


KS: Dragon Style Martial Art 15- 6

PS: Martial Arts Instructoe 15- 6

Acrobatics 15- 3

Breakfall 15- 3

Climbing 15- 3

Combat Skill Levels +5 in all combat 40

Total Skill & Perk Cost 67


Martial Art-Dragon Style (damage includes bonus from H-H Attack in powers)

Manuever OCV/DCV Damage/Effect Cost

Backfist +1/+3 14d6 (Def Strike) 5

Sidekick 0/+2 16d6 (Martial Strike) 4

Dragonclaw -2/+1 18d6 (Off Strike) 5

Dragontail +2/-1 15d6 target falls(Leg Sweep) 3

Dragonchoke -2/0 2d6 NND, Grab 1 limb 4

Dragonscale +2/+2 Block, Abort 4

Escape 0/0 35 Str for grabs 4

Martail Art Cost 29


Powers Cost

EC- Ice Manipulation (60 Point Powers) 30

1)Ice Statue:5d6 entangle, cannot be escaped by teleport 32

2)Icey Coating: Force Field 20PD/20 ED, Reduced End 0 30

3)Icey Fists: +10d6 H-H Attack, Reduced End 0 30

4)Ice Slides: Flight 25", Reduced End 0, Must be touching 30

surface, physical manifestation


Life Support: Safe in Intense Cold 3

Mental Defense: 15 Active points 13

Total Power Cost 168


Disadvantages Cost

Secret ID 15

Hunted By Chineese Govt 11- 20

Hunted By IHA 14- 30

Code VS Killing 15

Honorable 20

2x Stun From Fire or Heat 20

2x Body From Fire or Heat 20

Chineese Accent 10

Enraged vs IHA Minutemen 14- rec 11- 25

Disadvantage total 175


Total Cost for Character

Base Points: 200

Disad Points: 175

XP Spent 68

Total Cost 443



The man know as Sub-Zero was born in Peiking in the People's Republic of China to a Middle Class family. His father was a martial arts instructor for the government and also began training his son at the age of 5. Sub-Zero's powers manifested at the age of 12 during a sparring match in his fathers private dojo. Ice formed on the boy's fist and the young mutant nearly killed another student. The government learned of the boy's powers and wanted to take the boy and train him to be a future member of Tiger Squad, but his father took his family and fled the country to America. The family became citizens and moved to Millenum City. Through extensive mental training the young mutant, now called Victor Chang, learned to control and focus his powers. His life was good until his 18th birthday when the Tiger Squad attacked. They struck quickly and without warning the young mutant fought to defend his parents but to no avail his parents and about a dozen innocent civilians were killed, Victor would have been killed as well if not for the intervension of the Champions. With their help he fought off the Squad. Shortley thereafter Victor decided to become a costumed hero and took the name and designed his costume after the ninja Sub-Zero from the Midway game Mortal Kombat.

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Originally posted by Corven_Ren

Oh come on people no one has anything positive or even negative to say about him.


It's been what, two whole hours since you posted him? "Chill", Grasshopper.


But, OK, here's my take.


1) His martial damage seems a little out of line with his ice powers.


2) How do you see his "Icey Fists" helping him with a Sidekick or Legsweep?


3) The whole Iceman/Ninja thing doesn't work for me. I'm trying to picture this guy moving up to a badguy, projecting his ice slide while engaging in a martial arts stance without it throwing his direction off, etc etc. I'd like him a lot better as a martial artist who runs/acrobats around, and has some cold powers/ice projection instead of trying to be full-on Iceman too.

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Ok what do you mean out of line do you mean to high?

And for the Icey fists it should actually be Icey Coating like his force field.

And as far as the ice slide thing what would you reccomend buying some extra running and call it good?

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I like the overall character, good well rounded combat monster. A good representation for a video game. I have ONE problem.............CvK...........especially for a character pulled from THAT game.


But overall, nice, clean, neat job, but does he know how to interact with anything but his fists and feet.


A PC would probably be a bit more well-rounded, especially at this point level. I would suggest about 10 to 15 points of Social related skills.


Well, that's my 2 cents........

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Hm, I thought +HA didn't add to martial maneuvers, you need +DCs for that.


It'd also be more amusing to have 75% damage reduction instead of the force field... since in MK blocked attacks always do a sliver of damage.


Although, since this guy can potentially get an 18 DCV, I don't see a lot of attacks hitting anyway...

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Originally posted by ChocolateMousje

Hm, I thought +HA didn't add to martial maneuvers, you need +DCs for that.

HAs do add to Martial Maneuvers. Per UMA and the FAQ, Advantages to STR do not add to Martial Maneuvers unless the Advantage is purchased individually for each Maneuver.


Regarding Sub-Zero, he's a pure combat machine as one would expect from a character pulled from a video game, but I think he'd be awfully dull to play in a real campaign without any non-combat Skills. If you're actually going to play him in a campaign rather than just in a single scenario I think some more versatility would be useful. BTW, he hits harder with an 18d6 attack than our team's brick does! :eek:

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The reason he hits so hard because he was designed fo my old gm's campaign who was a notorious @$$hole for pumping up the villains defenses. I mean really pumping them examples I recall we fought Teror INc on a regualr basis and they all had like 35pd and 35 ed. Now to address Drrushing as stated at the begining this characters powers and skill are based on the MK character but he is not an actual ninja. And as far as social skills go perhaps you all are right I may revamp him taking Supreme Serpents advice and drop the ice slides and buy him some more skills.

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