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Iron Maus: Armored political statement. Despite his comedic appearance, Iron Maus is quite serious in his war against corporate dominance and its stranglehold on many endeavors especially the creative

Renaissance Smug arrogant super scientist who decided, in his magnanimous wisdom to bestow his gifts on the world of lesser beings.  A misguided hero/potential villain   

Ordered some commissions from Jacob Blackmon recently. First up is the brother/sister duo of Zip & Zap:   Next up is Bobcat, followed by Leech:  

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Life has been...complicated lately...not much time to do things, but I had an old picture of Nightstalker, (my first Champions hero) that my granddaughter took an interest in...so I drew an updated version of him, in line with my Knights Templar theme.  The Nightstalker mantle was passed on during game play with Johnathon Templar becoming an NPC...but I always liked the character.  So, he's "back" as the leader of the Knights Templar...and renamed aptly...Templar.  I managed to keep numerous elements of the original armor in the new design, although this one is far more bulked up, and in effect, "Space Armor"...but that's deliberate with the amalgamation of modern and alien tech, with steampunk, etc. for the campaign tone.  He retains all of his original toys, although in somewhat revised fashion.  A favorite was grenades...now they're micro-grenades, housed and launched from his gauntlets...and others I could go into, but won't since this post is already too long.  He's a galactic level hero.  The pic is simple pencil and ink, and colored with Berol Prismacolor pencils.  Went for an alien texture on the "blue" pieces, sort of like the organic armor of the Vorlons from Babylon 5.  Here goes:post-1526-0-02245200-1457224813_thumb.jpg

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Yeah, but it fits him to be the old man still playing the game. Of course, he probably looks like Bruce Wayne in Kingdom Come with the full-body brace.

Nah...alien tech and bioware...he's a long lived human, with peak human abilities...but nothing superhuman...that's what the armor's for...lol

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These used to be on here long ago (I think). I thought I'd update them:













































All of these are art mods and meant for fun only. You can see more and links to the original art on my deviantArt page (link in sig)  :yes:

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Some EPIC CITY baddies:



Banque du Templar DRAGOONS



Baron Samedi



Count Faccia Dell'Inferno






Reaver, Leer & Slash



Dark Eagle






All of these are art mods and meant for fun only. You can see more and links to the original art on my deviantArt page (link in sig)   :yes:

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Found this artwork online and thought I'd pass it along--an action figure hero team from the Seventies, before Star Wars changed everything. I would have loved to have had some of the Steve Austin figures, but I was in high school when they came out, and according to my parents, "too old for toys." That didn't stop me from going through the Sears and Penney's catalogs every Christmas, and browsing the toy sections of hardware and department stores every chance I got, saying to myself, "If only. . ."

(Just curious--who do you think would win in a fight between Steve Austin and Mike Power? I'm inclined to go with Austin, despite Power's helicopter blades.)

I always liked the GI Joe line's interpretation of Bulletman, aka The Human Bullet. I think he would be a great addition to the Amazing Heroes line--I think this particular character is in the public domain, even if the original Bulletman belongs to DC. Just have him go by his other name, you should be good to go. ("With a speed worthy of his namesake, and steel-jacketed arms giving him super-smashing strength, The Human Bullet streaks through the air to smash the forces of evil!")

The blog where I found the art is below--you have to scroll down a bit to get to the post, but it's worth a read. Enjoy.

Roberson's Interminable Ramblings--July 21

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One group I'm working on are 4 deities from various pantheons who have been brought together a powerful being (whose identity is currently unknown). These 4 deities are filling the roles of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I've had Brian Brinlee doing the art, and so far he's completed 3 of them. This is Aray (Armenian War God), Lamashtu (Mesopotamian Demon/Goddess of Disease) and Bres (Celtic/Formorian God of Agriculture). 




Quoting this old post because I finally had the fourth member drawn up by Brian. Representing Death is Manea, an Etruscan Death Goddess (naturally!)




And being Horsemen, they needed mounts. Created from Fire Opals, and magically given life, these are the mounts of the Horsemen:



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Here's my first complete image done with computer graphics/coloring.  I used the 'blank' scan of Templar, and colored it using Manga Studio Debut 4.0.  Neat program for making comics, and a decent rastor-based graphics.  I'll put the two finished pics, the 1st from Prismacolors, and the 2nd computer colored.  Here goes, let me know what you think.post-1526-0-94786800-1461714619_thumb.jpgpost-1526-0-21565600-1461714739_thumb.jpg

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