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Masque: A raccoon/human hybrid pc from our Bay City Blues Champions game, escaped Viper experiment  Masque has grown into a heroine in her own right, recently returned from a rollicking adventure across several dimension in time to help her team to (hopefully) save Bay City (and possibly the world). 






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Shadowstar: Formerly an occult dabbler, Shadowstar bargained with myriad occult entities for greater power, allowing to ensnared in a web of ties and debts to dark entities that has lead down the path of evil and corruption. Now she is trying to free her self and redeem her soul before its too late. She has joined with a group of fellow former to pursue this goal, forming very unorthodox team. 



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Crush: Angela had a fairly normal childhood.  Not completely normal.  Her parents were both scientists, part of her home was a lab, and while she went to school with normal kids, home usually involved at least a bit of extra education on science, technology, and philosophy.

Then the Nazis showed up.  As in super-villains, swastikas, and mad science.  And it turned out her parents had worked with them, been part of it.  And Angela was a...project.  
So she ran.  She'd learned enough to hack into computers for a new identity and documentation.  And the school records to get her into college across the country from her parents.  She didn't know enough to figure out what she was, and how to hide and protect herself, so she tried to learn all she could in college.  Most of that was kind of a moot point once her powers flared and she figured out what kind of project she was.  The super-soldier kind.  She finished up her studies, and worked on mastering her powers, then tried to figure out what to do.  The Capes auditions seemed like a sign.  Be a hero, maybe learn more about she was up against.  And if all the publicity drew her parents and their friends to her, she'd have backup and contact with the authorities to help stop them.
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Stonewall grew up with her grandmother in Arizona, her family had come north from Mexico when her father was a child, and made their place in the new country, while her father married an American woman. Her parents died in a car accident when she was five, and she was raised by her grandmother. SHe was something of a tomboy, hanging out with the guys most of the time, and rougher crowds as she got older. She got a job as a mechanic to help make ends meet, and that worked until someone at the bank decided to walk off with money, and lose alot of people their savings. The bank was goign to foreclose on her grandmother's house, and the only way Stonewall could figure out to stop it was to get in on a bank job. SHe was just supposed to be the driver, but when the shooting started, she headed in to help. Then her 'partners' tried to blow the vault. One shot guard and a collapsing roof later, and Stonewall got left behind, not willing to let people die. When the cops got there, they took her in, and she took the fall.


She couldn't face her grandmother after she was sent to psion, so she avoided things, and slipped out of town when she served her time. Of course, a super-criminal didn't get many job offers, so she fell in with the only people willing to take her in, and started her career as a professional super-villain. She sends much of her earning to her grandmothr but otherwise contact between them is limited.


Why did she decide to go straight?


In her own words: So, you want to know why? Geez, you want some big inspiring speech about how I’ve seen the light, and I want to contribute to society? Nah… I guess I’m tired. Oh, I love the fighting and stuff. But I never set out to hurt regular people, folks that don’t deserve it. And it seems more and more that’s what the job was about. And most of the ***holes who deserve it will just get it back from the little guys eventually. Lilly thinks I can do it. And it was nice to help out when those bots attacked. People seemed to like me. Probably just didn’t recognize me. But eventually I’d go down. Probably get my face all over the place and give Gran a heart attack. Guess I want to see if I can do this or not.


Stonewall really hasn't forgive herself for letting down her Grandmother. She didn't really want to leave, but couldn't face her. The fighting/drinking/sex was a way to distract herself, but eventually she kind of hit rock bottom, and after meeting the Strykers and then Gaia and Crystal, she's giving herself a chance at redemption.


PersonalityStonewall is bold, confident and a little rough around the edges; perhaps masking an inner softness, reserved for a very select few who've earned her trust and affection. Basically a good person at heart, life had hardened her but that core is still there and since meeting Gaia and becoming a parent more of that soft side is showing. She loves them both dearly an would do almost anything to protect them. She wants to reunite with her grandmother but the shame of what she became and the fear of how it would effect her grandmother has so far prevented her from making the step. 



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Brickhouse: The woman now known mostly as Brickhouse was a highly skilled thief for hire, Tamara Johnson. She specialized in acquiring high end, high tech items and industrial espionage often contracting to various criminal organizations and shadier corporations. Hired to steal information on a genetic enhancement project from a lab that turned out to be a Viper front, She was captured and rather than waste such potential, the head researcher used her for their experiments. The torment was excruciating and seem to go on and on. Brickhouse doesn't full recall most of he experience or much of her life before, just a blur of hazy images and flashes of pain and experimentation. 


After some unkown period the experiments ended. Brickhouse was transformed: her former slim athletic physique filled out with over a hundred pounds of muscle and over a foot in height. She had superhuman strength and endurance and more her body could adapt to almost any environmental conditions and trauma. The experiment had also conditioned her mind and left her programmed to obey her creators but notably not their Viper backers. She was allowed to do Viper's bidding for awhile but then her creators decided to go on their own. When Viper tried to reclaim their investment Brickhouse attacked them under her masters orders, destroying most of the Nest in the process. The facility's power core was damaged into the fight, flooding the area with intense radiation, powerful enough that the pain of adapting knocked Brickhouse unconscious and forced the scientists to abandon their creation.


Brickhouse awoke. days later. buried in radioactive wreckage. She freed herself and, naked, faintly glowing (fortunately a largely harmless side effect of her adaptation) and lost in a haze of half memories, stumbled around downtown Bay city, instinctively lashing out if threatened before Myriad and her follow heroes intervened. They calmed her down and helped her including draining off the excess radiation in her system and partially restoring her memory. Brickhouse is currently serving as a member of the Defenders and is quite enamored of her new powerful form so, despite the ordeal, has few regrets and is content to leave her criminal past buried. Though it likely won't stay that was for long since both her life as a thief and brief stint as a Viper enforcer have left a substantial history of ill will in the underworld. 


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Code Name: Harlequin

Full Legal Name Joy Toyalington (Stage name: Joy Toy)

Height 5' 6"

Weight 120 lbs.

Eyes Green

Hair Black

Legal Status: US Citizen with no criminal record

Profession: Entertainer (clown/acrobat), adventurer


Personality:  An optimistic, upbeat girl that's quick to befriend and stand up for her friends once she makes them. Growing up in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a traveling show has made her extremely open minded. Perhaps too open minded* as she doesn't judge on appearances even when it might be wise. Joy loves to make people laugh and tries to defuse tense situations with humor, even if its gallows humor. Sometimes she doesn't know when to get serious and commits practical jokes habitually, but never aims to hurt her targets. Unlike most jokers, Joy is just as quick to laugh at herself and enjoys a good prank even when she's the target. Being a performer has made her somewhat of an exhibitionist. She loves attention and really has little sense of modesty or personal privacy though she does get emotional boundaries. Her "family" of carnies was close and no one was judge on their background before joining the group. Growing up in a world where "freaks" and "normal" people lived in harmony has given her a unique insight on the conflict between humans and mutants and she doesn't see why it can't work  on a larger scale.


History:  Being born with obvious physical mutations (Pure white skin and harlequin like facial markings) wasn't such a big problem for Joy. Considering she born into a traveling carnival and side show. Her powers manifested early, but she found accepted among the carnie folk as one of their own. In fact her rubbery and nearly indestructible body combined her extroverted nature made her a natural for the show as a clown and acrobat extraordinaire. When she intervened and successfully prevented a hold up of the carnival ticket booth, Joy realized her abilities might be useful for something besides making people laugh and, with the blessing of her "family" set off to discover her destiny.


*Joy's solution for her costumes issues could also be seen as evidence. 



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Heroic PC from our Bay City Blues game


Hero Name: Phoenix

Real Name: Eliza Morgan

Occupation: Spokeswoman, test subject, adventurer

Gender: Female


Background/Origin:  A world-class gymnast, the young woman who became Phoenix was the victim and beneficiary of both bad fortune and good. During a contest in a tropical country, she contracted a particularly virulent strain of flesh-eating disease; as it was eating her alive, a leading company in bionics r&d heard of the case, and approached her with an offer: agree to act as a test subject for their experimental full-body replacement, or let the disease run its course, as there was no effective treatment known. Naturally enough, she accepted the offer. The process was, for her, not all that bad, as she was unconscious for much of it. Of course, she’s now a spokeswoman for that company, and has to report in regularly for maintenance and diagnostics uploads, and her role in the Bay City Guardians, though real, is largely a PR exercise for her sponsor


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I haven't posted anything in awhile, since I quit Photobucket over their recent move to screwing over users.


Anyway, here's some new pieces from Juan Paolo. First up is Strigoi, the leader of a group called Tyranny, Inc. The image is based on a head bust done by another artist named James Sheilds:




This is The Blood Guard, Tyranny Inc's elite combat troops:



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This is the Combat trooper for MIDIAN, an organization based in the Middle East. Considered a terrorist group, they strive to recreate the ancient kingdom of Midian:




This is Bloodwolf, also known as Zeeb. He was a prince of ancient Midian. He was supposedly slain during the Time of Judges, but was saved by the gods. He is able to turn into a reddish liquid form.



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As seen by stuff I've posted here, I like translating public domain characters. I found a group of villains who had fought Captain Marvel Jr. in the Golden Age called the Black Ace Gang. They were nowhere near as interesting as The Royal Flush Gang, but card based characters can be interesting. After some back and forth with Joe Singleton, we came up with a modern version of the concept. The original group was non-powered, but 2 members of this version do have actual powers


From left to right is Queen of Hearts, King of Clubs, Jack of Diamonds and Black Ace, the Black Ace Gang:




Here's a color composite of the group:



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Here are a few characters created with modified art (not my original art). They're from my Epic City game. A long time ago I had a huge thread about Epic City. I'm sure it's archived somewhere, but I have no idea how to reach it. 






The Badger


If you want to see more, let me know. :)

Oops, looks like I posted some of these already here: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/134-superhero-images/?p=2490834


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Here are a few characters created with modified art (not my original art). They're from my Epic City game. A long time ago I had a huge thread about Epic City. I'm sure it's archived somewhere, but I have no idea how to reach it. 




Is it wrong of me but I just wanted to adapt some lyrics.

When you gonna stop some crime, Corona ?

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Nice! They look like a Fantastic Four homage



That is definitely one of their inspirations. A little Challengers of the Unknown in there as well. They're supposed to be heroes who exist between  the Golden & Silver ages of heroes


Here's what will be the cover art for this (whenever I get off my butt and write it)



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