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Iron Maus: Armored political statement. Despite his comedic appearance, Iron Maus is quite serious in his war against corporate dominance and its stranglehold on many endeavors especially the creative

Renaissance Smug arrogant super scientist who decided, in his magnanimous wisdom to bestow his gifts on the world of lesser beings.  A misguided hero/potential villain   

Ordered some commissions from Jacob Blackmon recently. First up is the brother/sister duo of Zip & Zap:   Next up is Bobcat, followed by Leech:  

Posted Images



This is a villain I made, back in the day. The apparatus on her arm has stretching and does a nasty 5d6 KA, electrical SF/X.


Painted over a template in acrylics. In case you're wondering, I paint a lot of minatures, so painting on the PC sheets wasn't a difficult step up (at least the areas were larger).



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Good work



Really good work... I've never been too good with paints. markers (and now Photoshop) are my medium if I'm going to color my drawings.


I like the Psy-loche, and Aurora pics... and your take on Riplash I remember her from the old 3rd (2nd?) ed book 'Enemies:The Internation File' your pic has inspired me to possibly use her in my curent game. :P




Edit - Hey you posted while I was writing a reply... Cool male pics :-) I like em too



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You are right


I didn't create Riplash, but I often took published villains and altered them a bit so the people I gamed with would be surprised. So many characters.... it's hard to remember! Thanks for keeping me honest.


Additionally, I enjoyed taking published black and white pics and coloring them. I did this a lot. You should see our shared enemies book from Fourth ed! :)


Here is another villain, inspired by my brother. Her name is Brimstone.




(I'm trying to keep the pics smaller!)

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Published Villians


Oh yeah I'm a real BIG supporter of taking Published villians (from Comics or Games) and making them my own (not really mine, but personlized) many of my game's bet loved villians/NPCs are from some other medium, but with my own personlization infact I took the name, pic and general outlook of Marvel's Stryfe to be my world's top evil mutant, but in personality and powerset he's nothing like marvel's version...



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New scanner


Well, I've been hanging on to all this art and not able to share it (except for with my own gaming group) until now. I love my new scanner! Unfortunately, after I scan in a pic, I usually need to clean it up because there are smudges and imperfections on the originals. Not to mention that I am blowing up the pics quite a bit- you know the older PC sheets don't give you a lot of room to draw with. I tend to go outside the lines and that means more to clean up.


I am using Photoshup to do the "cleaning". I am not very practiced with it, even using a mouse with a roller on top. For art, I prefer working with paper.


Wow, a lot of downloads on my pics so far! Is everyone liking the work I did? I hope so! Feedback, feedback! (Yeah, I know a lot of them were done long ago.)





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CORE agent Vengure


Here is a pic of Vengure... he's a CORE agent in my curent campaign, but has had many incarnations over the years. He was created by my Ol'pal Casey (hey Case) way back in the begining of my champions career. (early 80s) This pic is his lateest look... and was originaly used for a PBEM game set in Modernday, but still fits for my newest Champions campaign.



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Dark Diment


Here is a mentalist (villain) I ran my group into back in the old days. We started playing Champions when 4th Ed came out, by the way.


I give you...... Dark Diment!




This one was colored over a template also. I created a lot of templates, male and female, using other artists' work. It was a lot easier for people in my group to design their own characters' costumes this way.

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Contagion is a concept villain. I haven't built him yet. But I am posting this so you can see how I take a template and alter it to suit my needs.


I liked the stance of this template, but I wanted the PC to have more muscle. You can see how I just increased his size by the outline. It's easy. I see this colored in browns, reds and sickly greens when its done.



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Fuschia is a very simplistic PC, very straightforward: An Energy blasting ground-pounder. (No, she is not weilding pom-poms, her EB is plasma beams, at that perfect temperature between red-hot and white-hot, hence the pink!). I created her in record time during a convention, which is why she is such a simple PC.


Colored in feltpens.



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Scarlette Blaze, The


This villain is perfect for the Silver Age games.


Her name is The Scarlette Blaze. She is a speedster that has semi-controlled powers over friction. She creates a lot of static electricity too, which is why her hair sticks out the way it does (if it weren't for the mask, she'd have a 'fro!).




Oh, yeah... feltpens over a template.

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