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Richochet - A character I created and drew for a friend. One of the most unique character designs I've come up with.


I forget the original origin. This is from an ancient (circa 1982!) Villains & Vigilantes game. The basics are that his powers come from an alien battlesuit. His defensive powers consist of a directional forcefield shield, and his offensive powers are in the form of a set of semi-independent levitating spheres about the size of golfballs that he controlls mentally. They are capable of instantly accelerating to several miles per second speeds and can cause a lot of damage, but they can also rebound from surfaces in order to change direction instantly without doing damage to those surfaces if Richochet so chooses. Indoors or in tight spaces, this can create an extreme autofire effect as the spheres bounce off walls to hit the target over and over. Trickshots are also a specialty of his. He can also "see" through the spheres, and can send them out as scouts, giving him a form of clairvoyance. From these powers and the vaguely "R" like symbols on the battlesuit, he got his name.

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Originally posted by MisterVimes

Not my artwork, but I found a great resource for George Perez JPGs that might be helpful to some of you.


Thanks muchly, Mister V. This is one of the best Perez sites I've ever seen. :D

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Originally posted by lemming

<img src="http://www.herogames.com/forums/attachment.php?s=&postid=4686">


You just have to find the ID# of the post where you made the attachment. (So if you attach something, you have to edit to actually do the link to display)


Woo! Would of thought enclosing the url in a code tag would of worked. That's better.


Ok.. I may be an idiot here, but I can't find the ID# of any of my posts. Where do you find it at?

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Here's an image I had done for my old Aberrant campaign.


The character is named Lamashtu, after an ancient Mesopotamian Goddess. She has claws and flight (which is obvious from the image :P ), but her main power is the ability to infect people with various plagues by touching them. She was going to be part of a group called "The Pantheon" which was various Novas whose powers allowed them to take on the names of various deities in mythology. Never got off the ground though, but I kept the image for future use. Hopefully someone will get some use out of it.


Here's the link to the jpg, as the file is too large to attach to the post:



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Originally posted by Nato

I like that animation style a lot myself too. I've been watching Justice League a lot lately. I like their takes on all the characters but especially Supes and Flash.


Nice use of that template. Looks nice and polished.


Here's a crazy character I sketched out last week and want to develope more once I have time. It's...




That is F'n GREAT! I LOVE it!:D

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Interested ?


My brother and a friend of mine who has sadly disappeared without trace did some of the artwork for a long running Champions campaign that I played in.

Although some of the pics are in Black and White, some are in colour but none are computer generated. All pen, pencil and ink.

We also had a fansheet with original art in that, including the covers. Would anybody be interested in me posting this ?

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