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Old Hero Game being looked for


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i been searching every where hi and low. i sent emails to ICE and to Hero even called long distance to ICE. I am looking for a copy of the rules for Robot Wars. don't care if it is being used under a desk somewhere to keep it from wobbling. any help please. i played it couple times when i was in the Marine Corp. a friend of mine had a copy and it is the only copy of it i ever saw. so please help out in finding me a copy please.

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

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Is this the book you're looking for?




If so, I don't personally have an extra copy, but I know of a used bookstore that I think has one. Send me your contact info in an email (my address is in my profile), and I'll see if they still have it. If they do, I'll let you know how much they want for it. If you want it at their price, I'll buy it for you, you can send me the money to cover the book and shipping, and I'll ship it to you. :)

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If that is the book(s) you're looking for, and Derek can't find it or you want to order more promptly, this reputable online used game dealer has multiple copies of both Robot Warriors and Robot Gladiators: http://www.sentrybox.com/ . They're in their "Games" catalogue; just follow the links to "Roleplaying", then look under "I" for "Iron Crown".


Note that the prices are in Canadian dollars, because this is a Canadian retailer - that's why they look a little steep. You should reduce them by about one-third for American equivalent. They do ship internationally.

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Originally posted by Derek Hiemforth

Good find, Lord Liaden! That's probably the way for you to go if you want it right away, Ozz*. I won't be able to check the bookstore for a week or so, because it's about 120 miles from where I am now. I won't be able to check it until the next time I'm down there for work. :)


Derek, would that happen to be Gator Games in San Mateo (or is it Redwood City there?)


Though come to think of it, there's another chain that had a good selection of used books in the Bay Area. I just remember the one in Palo Alto got flooded and that it seemed to be infested with angst ridden gamers. :rolleyes:


In Portland, Powell's is a good place to check, but they don't have either of the Robot books in stock. They had a few of the BBB though...

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Originally posted by lemming

Derek, would that happen to be Gator Games in San Mateo?

Nope. (Although Gator Games is a good store, and does carry some older and used stuff, I don't recall seeing Robot Warriors there recently.)


The store I'm thinking of is Recycle Books in San Jose. It's actually a used bookstore, not a game store. But they have a fair amount of used RPG books among their voluminous stock, and I think I recall seeing Robot Warriors the last time I was there a couple of months ago.

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Thanks for the tip about The Sentry Box, Liaden. While I have

gotten some hard-to-find miniatures through mail order from

them in the past, I hadn't really thought about getting stuff

like Robot Warriors from them (:o ). Since checking out

your post, however, I've gotten in touch with them and managed

to not only get copies ofRobot Warriors and Robot Gladiators

put on reserve for me, but copies of Horror Hero and

Western Hero as well.


Space Cadet :D

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I'm glad that worked out for you, Space Cadet! Sentry Box is a professionally-run operation with a huge stock to choose from.


I have five online used-game retailers that I've dealt with who carry substantial quantities of HERO stuff, as well as many other game products. Between them, I can find almost any rare or OOP item I might want. Whenever I see someone asking for a hard to find game here on the boards, I quickly cycle through all of them to see if it's there.


If anyone's interested, here are the other dealers I use:






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A word of warning for those of you who may have decided to

mail-order stuff from across-the-border hobby shops such as

The Sentry Box: if you're sending your order from here in the

U.S., make bloody well sure that you've got enough postage on

the envelope, because it's going to cost more than 37 cents.


I found that out the hard way Tuesday when the envelope I

put in the mail last week came back with an "Additional

Postage Required" label stamped on it. Apparently, it costs

60 cents to mail a standard-size envelope to Canada from the

U.S. (at least, from right here in Ohio; I don't know about the

rest of the country).


Space Cadet :mad:

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Originally posted by Lisa Nadazdy

Hint: If you must get Robot Warriors, then do so (I have a copy), but don't overlook the crunchy mecha goodness in Ultimate Vehicle.


Oh, don't worry... that's just one of the things on my "Get A.S.A.P."

list for this month or next month.


Space Cadet:D

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