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MegaScale and Variable Advantage

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From the Rules FAQ:


Q: Is it possible to take MegaScale via Variable Advantage? If so, are there any restrictions on what levels can be applied, or the like?


A: Unless the GM sees fit to forbid it, MegaScale would be allowable under Variable Advantage, the same as any other Advantage. The character could set it to whatever scale was within the scope of the Advantage (e.g., if the character can have +1 Advantages, the MegaScale can’t have more than a +1 value, but could have less if desired). However, there is potential for abuse here — both Variable Advantage and MegaScale are “stop sign” abilities. The GM definitely needs to keep an eye on something like this. It shouldn’t be forbidden outright, since there are some potentially cool power constructs characters could create, but the GM should monitor the situation for potential unbalancing effects or gamism at the expense of common sense/dramatic sense.

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