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17 hours ago, Bazza said:


In UTC they would be 2 seconds appart. And you can translate those DateTimes into whatever your local timezone rules dictate.


For us Programmers, into the direction of Timezones lies one thing: Madness!


I can not tell if I thought to little about timezones. Or too much, so I am already insane. "Muhahaha!"


6 hours ago, Cancer said:


Trying to decide if I can put this on an exam and use it as a question.  Well, not "can", but rather " get away with". 

I always thought "can" implies "get away with".

Not a lot of things human can not do physically. Getting away with is the more problematic thing.

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2 hours ago, Cancer said:

Use of Julian day number (especially if you go to solar system barycentric JD) solves all the time ambiguity.  An authoritative reference is chapter 3 in this.

If you want second precise and can start after 1970, you need Unix Timestamp, UTC or something around that. Whatever else you got as input, you can covert from and to those.


Julian day is only day precise. That is not nearly enough granularity to answer the question. That requires minutes precision.

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