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I am reminded of the girl next door who went off to college in fall 1967 (her younger sibs were close to my age) and came back home at Christmas with early symptoms of scurvy.  Apparently she had tried to subsist strictly on a diet of hamburgers.

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12 hours ago, L. Marcus said:

In junior high, my bro D. had a classmate that tried to diet by eating ice cubes. She'd heard somewhere that you lost a calorie for every one you et, so ...

I know that Argument, but with Icecream. It goes something like this:

A Calorie is the energy required to heat X gram of mater by 1 degree.

The icecube is Y degrees from body temperature. So that is how many degrees it has to be heated as part of processing.

Y*X = Calories burned on heating the icecubes mater.



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