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Longest Running Thread EVER

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We've been looking madly for a new apartment (amazing how a deadline will motivate you!), and we found a place we really like. It's a large (1600 square foot) side of a duplex with three bedrooms on a

Re: Longest Running Thread EVER   Edit: Okay, I managed to fill every line, but goodness knows I'm open to suggestions for improvement!     Welcome to the Forum NGD   Welcome to the Forum NG

Long preamble here.   The administrative unit in which I have the Associate Director title got moved out of one building last spring (that one was subsequently demolished and the spot is bei

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There used to be a cheesesteak place just off the U of Arizona campus in Tucson named Greasy Tony's.  Their motto was "No charge for extra grease!" and if some unaware noob said that aloud in their hearing, the register guy would call out "No charge for extra grease!", which the cook would repeat "No charge for extra grease!" and ladle another dipper of griddle grease onto that order as it cooked.

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18 hours ago, death tribble said:

My name is Death Tribble. Author of a deleted thread, poster of a modified post. And I will have my vengeance in this thread and the next.


You're just frustrated that your playmate Zornwil doesn't show up so you can't do the Collateral Damage Tango with him any more.

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Grading moon labs at the moment.  Then grading mass assignments.  Then comes the final search of the office looking for missing papers.  Then comes setting the curves and posting grades.  I expect to have that last done before end of business tomorrow.  Which is good, because they must be in my noon my time Wednesday.  Then I get to read more faculty application packages before the meeting lunchtime Thursday.  Then I ought to start paying attention to the Christmas shopping I have steadfastly held out of my awareness so far this year.


So yeah, second week of January seems like a good prediction on my part.

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Having some very odd access issues.  See my thread in the "Site Questions" forum.  Wonder if I'll have to give up on this ancient old pad.


(I got to this thread by going to my profile page and clicking "see my activity" and selecting the link to the post of mine 2 spots above.)

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Meanwhile, both the palm and the aloe plants in the bathroom are blooming.


Never mind the wierd grey-brown mushrooms in the yard around the fence.  "Fluted black elfin saddle," Helvella lacunosa.


And all right before Christmas.  Or the winter solstice, if you like that reference better.

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