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Longest Running Thread EVER

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I haven't got a damned thing done this morning.  I've been coming to full stops, tearing up, spending minutes having to get back level thought, wiping my eyes.  Not because of loss... rather, because of hope


Saturday's presidential election outcome was something I didn't dare let myself hope for. 


And the cloudy small-scale changes in Congress ... I'm OK with that too.  The nation has had a lot of tumult in the last ten months, there are pressures from multiple sides, and the way out of the morass is going to be one we must compromise upon and hammer out together.  That is the political process as it should be.  I know, only a white man can see it that way, and it will be agonizingly slow and take far longer than it should, but it will happen, and I will do what I can, where I can, to help.  The first hope comes from the defeat of the hollow man, the corrosive egotist, the soulless windbag who believed in nothing but himself and demonstrated he would throw literally everyone and everything under the bus to feed his ego in the short term.  His end probably won't be the gorn he so richly deserves, but in less than two months his immensely fat shadow will no longer loom over the political machinery of the country.


Day shall come again.


Then this morning, the first COVID-19 vaccine trial results.  It looks about as good as possible at this phase, consistent with 90% efficacious.  It's not unreservedly positive news: this vaccine candidate is the most challenging to deliver ... a two-dose regimen, and -80 C storage to keep it viable ... and producing 1.3 billion doses in 2021 is a logistical task that staggers the imagination.  But it can be done.  The fundamental problem has been overcome; the more so, because it provides a demonstration that a coronavirus vaccine can be developed, which was not known before and there were reasons to fear that might not be true.  In time, I expect better, easier, simpler vaccines will come, when there is time to take fewer short cuts, refine techniques, and research the details ... when there is no longer the pressure of nearly 6400 deaths in the last week and no other relief in sight.  The vaccine is not yet available, but it will come, for us in the US and for the rest of the world.


The grip of terror from the virus is broken.


It has been a long year.

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Thank you, folks.  She turned 24 yesterday.


Because it will merge my posts if I try making them separately, another thought entirely:


Among my job's pleasures is the creation of evil problems, and openly acknowledging the evil within me expressed thereby.

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