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Longest Running Thread EVER

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We've been looking madly for a new apartment (amazing how a deadline will motivate you!), and we found a place we really like. It's a large (1600 square foot) side of a duplex with three bedrooms on a

Re: Longest Running Thread EVER   Edit: Okay, I managed to fill every line, but goodness knows I'm open to suggestions for improvement!     Welcome to the Forum NGD   Welcome to the Forum NG

Long preamble here.   The administrative unit in which I have the Associate Director title got moved out of one building last spring (that one was subsequently demolished and the spot is bei

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Re: Longest Running Thread EVER


How many ways should I kill the 30-second rule? Should I thwack it for every time it's stood in my way? Or should I just thwack it for all its FUTURE interference?


Or should I ignore that and instead go beat up the '5 rep a day' rule?

Hmmm, tough choice!


I think the 30 second rule is more annoying since you realize the rep limit pretty much when you hit it the first time, so once a day is its usual annoyance.

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Re: Longest Running Thread EVER


What topping should I have on my pizza?

Garlic, onion, peppers, artichoke heart. That's pretty much what our gaming group could all agree on. Although with lemming leaving the meat-eaters will be closing in...actually I have begun to prefer meatless pizza.

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Re: Longest Running Thread EVER


Maybe you and Bazza should switch!
And become Death Tribble :shock:


Wow, the UK, America, and Australia all on at the same time, how often are all 3 of us simultaneously posting? I think usually one of us is away.
Wrong! I'll try harder next week, ig you will get on earlier. ;)
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