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Longest Running Thread EVER

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We've been looking madly for a new apartment (amazing how a deadline will motivate you!), and we found a place we really like. It's a large (1600 square foot) side of a duplex with three bedrooms on a

Re: Longest Running Thread EVER   Edit: Okay, I managed to fill every line, but goodness knows I'm open to suggestions for improvement!     Welcome to the Forum NGD   Welcome to the Forum NG

Long preamble here.   The administrative unit in which I have the Associate Director title got moved out of one building last spring (that one was subsequently demolished and the spot is bei

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Re: Longest Running Thread EVER


My new character for review:


I've decided to play a 5 foot tall Emperor Penguin named "Fluffy". Using his beak and a small bag, he throws herring at people. His primary defense is invisibility, with the special effect being that no one would bother to target a herring throwing penguin, or even mention having seen it on the battlefield. He also has Super-Penguin technology, which for a penguin means that he has mastered belts, pouches, and door-knobs.


He can't speak any human language, and communicates by alternately squawking and nuzzling people.


Sample Fluffy Adventure:


Dr.Crime-Wave: "Ha! Now, with my amazing magna-beam, I shall take over the world! Ouch!"


Henchman Dan: "Hey boss?"


Dr.CW: "Ouch! What?"


HD: "Boss, dat boyd just threw a fish at youse! Look, it's doin it again!"


Dr.CW: "Ouch! What bird? Where are all these fish coming from!?!"


HD: "Dyuh, dat boyd...Ouch!"


Dr.CW: "Ouch! We must flee!"




They run away.



Cue theme song.

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Guest Skaramine

Re: Longest Running Thread EVER


Dag, Oddhat. I was just working on a penguin-based superhero last month.




With ice powers which allow him to belly slide on Ice-Man style ramps. :D

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Re: Longest Running Thread EVER


Do you top yours with whipped cream, caramel, vanilla ice cream, any combination of the three, or do you eat your apple pie with no toppings?


[edit: THAT question was a little personal. :o ]


Melted cheddar cheese and vanilla bean ice cream. Or sweet cream ice cream...

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Re: Longest Running Thread EVER


Trust me' date=' Alice. It's good for my delusional self-image at times. But no way you wanna see my hairy gut and legs... :idjit:[/quote']

Hair I can deal with. I married a squirrel, remember?


It's lack of hair that scares me.


I don't mean I object to bald men. There are a lot of men without hair on their heads that are very attractive.


I mean that, once upon a time, I dated a guy with a total of 5 chest hairs. I had a really hard time not giggling at him every time he took off his shirt.

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